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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Real World Weekend!!!

Look at me, haven't been on the blogosphere for pretty much the whole weekend!!! What in the world is up with that? Could it be I am actually getting a life? Could it be there are living, breathing people who actually like my company and vice versa? Whoa it's a little much to take in but this past weekend the gorgeous one and I had a fantastic time with great friends and we're wore the heck out!!!!!!!!!

Sat morning we as a family, yes that's all of us Peanut included, went out into the community and happily gave of ourselves unto others. I did a little arts and crafts with the elderly at a retirement home, Hubby did some manly outside work at the local University fixing dugouts. The kids both went to the local YMCA where they made some wooden toys for underprivileged kids and filled baggies with dog food to be delivered to seniors with pets (I think). Cool huh? Then we had all assembled for a lunch of hot dogs and ice cream in the, fun, fun!!!

Later, my good friend C and I went and had a pedicure, kind of a weird experience, you never really know what to expect at this place but it was good non the less. Saturday night we all convened (funny word isn't it) at Chez McGilly and had a good old fashioned cook out followed by a game of Scene It (music version). Suffice to say that we won and our friends could do with turning on the radio once in their lifetimes! Pullleeeaasseeee!!!!

Sunday was just as busy with us teaching Childrens Church in the morning, whole nother post possibly....again it's something that you just never can tell what's gonna happen.

Sunday evening was again spent in the company of great friends when we all attended the sixth birthday of Peanut's bestest friend in the whole wide world. Luckily, bestest friend has wonderful parents that we love to hang out with so although it was the kids party... we went along too!! and I might add had a ball!!!! Took millions of pictures and once I've edited them to within an inch of their lives I'll do a post on bestest friends birthday. And there's the rub, now I am super Nikon Girl I have to edit all my pics, I don't just come home and stick them on Snap fish and email them to my family and friends.... no.. I have to crop, adjust, fill, and soften... blah blah blah... then I delete some, mess with some more... then pick out the best... then upload them here, download them there, fiddle faddle and poof.... you may now view the three that are considered viewable!!!!! It takes more time than I actually have but I love it.

It's now Tuesday morning and I still have a ton of things to do.... I'll try and squeeze in some more blog time later, I am missing my regulars!!!! Hope you're busy too!!!!


tori said...

Welcome back to the bloggie world. Last time I took a couple days off it took me a week to catch up and then I still felt all dizzy and disoriented. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

rxBambi said...

Look. I've been telling you that I miss you. WTF?

McGillicutty said...

Dang I only took a couple of days off (and that was forced by rwe) that's real world events... now I come back to just two comments... i have been abandoned by all but my most loyal of subjects!!!!
Sad commentless Queen McG.