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Thursday, September 24, 2009

And Now for some Randomonium!!!!!

Why do Blogger and FB keep changing things? Just when a chick like me gets to where she feels comfy things freakin change and my life is thrown into turmoil, just for a minute or so anyway.

When people really accuse you of something and get mad, it's because of something they dislike about themselves, take comfort in that thought, apparently it's true.

Shih Tzus are the bomb, there's no discussion, it's a fact people.

Who started crap like thumbs up and high fives? So dorky it makes my skin crawl!!! yet I always give my kids five when they do something wonderful????  I am perpetuating the dorkyness.

If I won the lotto would I travel the world or just sit home blogging all day?

I have all these pictures stored all over the place, as in my real life, I just can't seem to get them organized! Is it worth taking them if they will then be STORED somewhere and no one can see them. Even if they are organized will they ever be viewed?

Will the outside of my house ever be finished? It's past the three year anniversary of when it was started and apparently there's just "one good weekend" of work left, well we've now had 156 of those since this project started surely one out of 156 was a "good" one. Evidently not.

Why was that Gadaffi (or however you spell it) maniac allowed to speak to the UN and why the hell was he given air time on TV, no one could tell what the hell he was saying anyway. Too many hells in that sentence?

When you have tests done at the docs office and they come back negative, why is it that they never move on to more tests to find out what the heck IS wrong with you??? They say, well you might have this, lets test for it, then they say, nope, that's not what it is... all clear.... but they never say oh well lets see if it's this??? you're just left out there saying well at least it's not that but I'm still in freakin' pain so it has to be SOMETHING. Docs are quacks... just sayin'.

Do you ever feel like there should be more hours in the day yet you can't stay awake for more hours? So why have them, to sleep? You can sleep when you die!!!!!

And that my friends is as random as it's getting today......let me know your random thoughts!


Fidgeting Gidget said...

Randomonium...I love that! I may borrow it sometime!

Yes, Shih Tzu's are pretty cool, but I must say I'm a bit partial to Boston Terriers.

And I wish that there were more hours in the day EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

rxBambi said...

I wish I didn't have to sleep, I could be so much more productive.
I wish my dogs didn't bark. they are bugging me at the moment.
why is there a revolutionary soldier in your picture?
there can never be too many hells in a sentence.

McGillicutty said...

It's a pirate and they just randomly walk around St Augustine!!! hee hee.

tori said...

I threw my back out yesterday and have been laying flat for 24 hours now. Why is it driving me so crazy? I used to wish for days I could lay around and do nothing but play on the I want nothing more than to do something else!! have a lovely day.

Liz said...

Why do I always get a cold when I should be at my busiest in the business!?!!!! Growl... sniff sniff!!

julochka said...

i can tell you that what it will take to finish the outside of the house is to put it up for sale. it's worked a treat with our house. of course, we actually are putting it up for sale..but perhaps you could just invite realtors over and pretend and it would be enough...