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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thirty Nine Followers....I feel a giveaway coming on!!!

This morning I logged on and obviously the first thing to grab my attention is that I have 39 followers!!! yay me!!!! I've come along way since forcing my friends to follow me in the beginning and I'm grateful for everyone who reads and comments on my blog, I'm needy like that, I have to have responses in order to get through the day, it's like an addiction..... well it is an addiction.... Ali's Blog Addiction!!!!

So dear friends if you've been reading my blog and not FOLLOWING me it's time to take the plunge... go on... it's OK.. I don't bite and we're all in this together. Just click on the follow blog button at the top of the page and get you a Google account if you don't already have one and Bob's your're a follower!!!!

What could be simpler? and then you can keep up with all the Inner Ramblings and never miss an episode of how ridiculously complicated I make my life, not only for me but for those around me.

I will even AWARD my fortieth follower (this being the year I am 40, get it, there's a link somewhere in there) with a Shih Tzu (pictured above) .....not really he's my pride and joy you can't have him but you will be awarded something wonderful, have no fear!!!! or it might be 40 somethings you never know!!!!

So come on, get up there and click, I'll announce the winner and the prize later! Good Luck... and to those who already are followers and therefore don't qualify to enter, don't worry you've been rewarded a plenty already with my wit and banter!!
does no one read my stuff? This has been here for a couple of days and the only new follower I got was my own RW friend... and no comments from my blog friends??? Am I alone here???


McGillicutty said...

OK .... my fortieth follower was a fake!!! she's my very good friend and confidante Ms Holli... so the prize will go to # 41.... come on now, roll up roll up, don't be coy!!!!

Staci A said...

Congrats on hitting 40 followers, blogging is such an addiction for me too! Oh, and your pup is very cute!

Liz said...

I MUST be no 41!!!!!!!!!!! Great blog by the way.

Liz x

tori said...

I crave comments too and followers...I'm jealous I only have 15. found you through rx bambi. great blog!

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