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Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun in the Sun... and I mean Fun!!!!!!

Whhoooaaaa there little bit..... go for it!!!!!

This is what the summer is all about here in deepest, darkest GA!!!!!

Blow up some floaties and let them have at it... just don't forget the camera!!

It's pretty amazing what a bunch of girls can get up to on a Sat morning...and pretty awesome what colors you can capture!!!! we don't have a pool ourselves but you never know now do you? We have plenty of room for one and don't plan on going anywhere in the next decade or so!!! The girls absolutely love swimming and we're lucky enough to have friends who are more than glad to let us use the pool, one more reason to to appreciate the great people we have around us here in T-Ville.

There's something so wonderful about seeing your kids just lapping it up, they can stay there all day splashing and laughing and playing. I am more than happy to get out there and take pictures too, can you tell? It felt so unnatural to begin with when they were babies, for some reason (and I can't think what justification I had) I was totally petrified of them being around water. A huge debt of gratitude to M-I-L, my in laws have always lived on or around water and she was totally awesome, getting the girls comfortable and teaching them how to be safe. Now it's all paying off and they swim like fish, Ashley just passed the swim test at the Y and we couldn't be more proud. I remember summers when I was a kid and would have KILLED for an outdoor pool (there were very few and far between in Bonny Scotland) we used to go to the public pool where you get an armband and can only swim for about 45 mins! I loved it though and we went every opportunity we got so I can totally see why my kids are the same, I don't think I have EVER heard them say... no Mom we don't feel like swimming today.

Summer fun is fantastic and these pictures will be ones to treasure for years to come!


An Open Heart said...

I wonder if we need swimsuits and floaties for blob camp?

McGillicutty said...

Blob Camp?????? hahahahahaaa...get some sleep!!!

spudballoo said...

too sweet!! My boys love the water too, no pool here either (crap British weather). Diggy looks like Bruce Springsteen when he swims (he has grommets and has a headband to keep the water out of his ears), a right little thug...LOL xx

Allison said...

When we were really young, my dad built a pool and we would live in it all summer long. The intersting thing is, now I hardly spend any time near water. I don't really like public pools and the ocean has never been my fried. Hmmmm.

Hey... what are you doing up so early? Isn't it 4:30 in the morning your time?

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

I was called "little bit" when I was a kid! This reminds me of a hundred fun summer days!

Anonymous said...

tell your friend I'll be right over! with kids in tow (think she'll mind?)

McGillicutty said...

Kim, course she won't mind she's officially the nicest girl in the entire universe!!!!

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