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Thursday, August 13, 2009

OK...From a Fiveyearold.... really!!!!

There are some things you just can't believe.... like what your five year old might have to say!

In the car at pick up from school.... I want my friend Gracie to come over, we can hang out, watch tv in my room, listen to the radio and rock out!!!!
to which i replied.. what are you? 5 or 15??????
Just now, getting ready for bed... I want a birthday party at Zoinks..(she's a Gemini, therefore has 11 months before next birthday) and I want a limo to take me and my friends there.
this is where the needle scrapes across the record... wtf.. it will be your sixth birthday and you want to take a limo full of little friends to Zoinks... Woah!!!!

There are way more.... last night she told Daddy that he's not really annoying!!! That made me laugh. Now she's begging me for a video before going to sleep, just told me she'll do whatever I want and will do all the chores... now it's Sydney's bedroom therefore her rules!!!!
Rules for Ashley's room... you can jump on the bed, no throwing anything special, no slamming the door.
Rules for Sydney's room... you can watch tv, watch a video before bed, you can take out stuff but you have to put it back.. do not break anything that's special... or paint on it!!!!
Now... I'm off.. have to get away from these little funny monkeys before I pee my pants!!!


Lisa said...

So funny, arent' they? My daughter, who just turned 9 in July, asked for her own laptop(we already have 3 computers in the house) and a cell phone! A cell phone! I told her, "...that is not happening!" She asked for the same thing last year from Santa. I am sure Daddy was happy to hear that he is NOT annoying!
I really enjoy your blog!!
Have a great weekend!

Georgie K. Buttons said...

When I was five I wanted a Popsicle. I usually got one, too.

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