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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh for the love of the kids.....

uh... yeah... where's the crayon's people?

Zoink babies....

Ashley never was one to hold back!!! Waaahhhhhhhh!!

Today they are back in school, safely tucked away where they should be, out of my freakin' hair and into someone elses... someone who's paid to listen to their shrill jibberings all day.

So yesterday, being the wonderful dedicated and selfless Mama that I am, I went to Tallahassee to a place called Zoinks... a mecca for kids who wanna bounce and boing and get their sillies out. Fortunately for moi, they also provide comfy leather couches and wi-fi so Mom's can blog about the experience while there.

BUT MY GOD could it be any freakin' noisier in there????? I am somewhat of a noiseaphobic... yes.. I have turned into my Grandad, I turn the tv down constantly, cringe when I get into the car after hubster has been driving and he leaves the radio at 300 decibels and I am always telling people to pipe down, zip it, hush and just plain shut the fook up!!!!!

It's all for a good cause though, tire those kids out completely before getting them home and into bed early ready for the first day back to school. So even if I did walk out of there with the mother of all migraines it was worth it... it was worth it... it was worth it!

We went to Atlanta Bread Company before going there..... those people are definitely run by a corporate office where no one has kids. They give you a little activity paper with the kids meal but no crayons.... duh... why the hell would you give kids an activity thingy with no crayons???are you a complete moron??? or just set out to aggravate the crap out of the parents. And no, on this occasion super Mom didn't have any pens or pencils in her purse... bad super Mama.

When asked about it we were told they're not allowed to give out crayons... corporate says so. The next strike was that instead of giving them a cookie with the meal, there's a little coupon thing on the activity paper that says go to the bakery counter and get a free cookie... that's really when the fun began. MrMcG is not known for his patience or his tolerance of incompetent people... we get to the counter and wait ... and wait... and wait some more. Finally hubby donned "the look" and took care of business, he cracks me up when he does this, he is purposely an asshole just to point out the shortcomings of the service givers who aren't giving a service!!!! He charged up to a little guy who was hanging around the other end of the counter and said, "hey buddy, what do we have to do get our free cookies?" to which little guy replied "you need to wait at the bakery counter"..hubby "we've been waiting there for ten minutes and you have all looked at us but no one is serving us".... oh he said, and proceeded to go and get the cookies and put them in a bag for us. Then hubby asks "tell me why the hell you don't give the kids the cookies with their meals, now that would make some sense!" and little guy just shrugs and says..."uh dunno". All the time this is going on the manager was standing there, we knew he was the manager 'cos he had a different colored shirt on and looked cowardly, he didn't say one word or offer a solution to the problem or anything. They have great peach tea but sucky service toward kids... off my list of places to visit (for now anyway).


rxBambi said...

Is the Atlanta Bread Co the same as the St Louis Bread Co? AKA Panera? Love the food, but def not kid friendly. Since my kids are all bigger than me now I can go with no worries -- but I still prefer my sbux. It's a habit, I'm sorry.
sounds like a fun day tho! And, btw, back to school already? that's nuts talking girlie!! Mine go back in a couple weeks.

Mari Mansourian said...

Looks like you had a full day... a bit of fun... some headache to go with that and call it a day?
Look at it this way... the kids are "off your frieken hair" ;)

McGillicutty said...

Bambi.. i know it's still a million degrees and just so not's all just wrong on so many levels (always wanted to say that).

Mari... yes, yes they are and I tell you they are so much happier for it!

Anonymous said...

oh my god i cannot stop laughing

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