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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I need a new look....

I liked the look of my blog for a long time and then I had to go mess with it!!! 

I need a new template, layout, color scheme whatever!!! 
The one I have now is OK but I can't get my giant pictures on there and pretty
soon I'm going to be back in the swing and will need some space to 
share the awesome stuff I'm spitting out. 

So ... any suggestions? and let me know your thoughts on Blogger or the other one.. jeeze
i'm so old I can't think... Wordpress that's it.. urgggghhhhh!!!!!
someone get me an effin' glass of straight alcohol before I go completely off the rails.

Calm calm calm... 
This post is like the incoherent ramblings of dare I say, Charlie Sheen... 
I'm the female him!!! 
Not really I'm a lot younger  (3 years) and way more believable. 

So back to the blog.. suggestions are welcome... I just need a change. 
Really your input is desired, I want to know if you have found any of the templates they 
offer to be useful, if you like the sidebar on the left or the right, should I go with a 
serious comments provider? do you ever Stumble, FB or share on twitter? If not
why do I care if I add those widgets.  Comments please... there's a prize for what I find to 
be the wittiest yet most inspiring comment... don't be shy!!! 
That is all.... good night. 


Anonymous said...

Really? I like this one! Oh well, change is always a good thing. Let me know what you decide!
And no, this is not witty! It's my bed time and I'm beyond witty...GOODNIGHT!!!

Brian Miller said...

get someone artsy to design you a header...the colors are soft as is...pleasing...i know the feeling though...i have in 2.5 years never changed my template...

KLZ said...

I know how hard it can be to try to change a direction. I know a designer you can talk to if you're interested.

Alexa Dupriest said...

I like this layout, too, woman! I LOVE the font at the top of the blog (the title of the blog, the titles of the blog posts, and the links at the top)...keep that!

And I just want to make me laugh so hard!!! I love your sense of humor.

McGillicutty said...

Thanks Alexa... I tweaked the layout just a little in order to fit big pictures again, I think maybe i'll just make a new banner, the cotton reminds me of winter somehow.
Thanks for all your input and watch this space you know it takes me forever to do stuff!!! :)