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Friday, March 4, 2011

In which they crash an Indian Wedding....

So, there we are enjoying a family getaway in North Atlanta in a very nice
Hilton that they call the Castle on the Hill. The girls always like it when we 
go to a hotel, they're well traveled and could match Martha Stewart in the secrets to 
packing for a successful trip. I actually like going away with them now! as opposed to 
the days when no one could get any sleep because of screaming babies or 
forgetting some essential item like diapers or that Blankie. 

So we settled into the room, did our stuff, you know, trip to the Aquarium which
was good but my OMG they need to know when to start turning peeps away. 
They have a great tunnel like at Sea World where you can experience whale sharks, 
giant manta's and potato groupers swimming all around you and over your heads; 
however unlike Sea World they pack five gazillion ticket holders in there at once. 
Eeeewww.. Armpits abound as they all point upwards at the amazing aquatic 
delicacies swimming by, I couldn't help thinking it had to be the most 
unhealthy place in Atlanta, I tried to breath through my nose so as to trap any molecules of
pitness but the smell then deterred me so I had to kinda hold my hand over my mouth 
while trying to shield my kids from the armpits of Atlanta!!! 

After the Aquarium we were lets say... freakin' exhausted... must have been the bad air 
in there, or the noise; noise exhausts me. 
We chose to head back to the hotel and take a little nap, girls allowing. 
They allowed... but they timed it too... only an hour and then we were up and running
again, this time to find somewhere exciting for dinner and entertainment. Well when
looking for dinner and entertainment you can't go wrong with the Medieval Times! 
It... was... awesome!!!! 
So two hours and a couple o hundred silver coins later we were well fed, happy 
and ready for a good night of sleep in the castle on the hill. 
When we got back it was chilly and we parked closest to the door on the side figuring 
we could easily run in there and not get too cold. It wasn't the main entrance but hey
should be easy enough to find the lobby right? 
Wrong...... not when there's a huge, traditional Indian wedding reception in full swing! 
Yep, we walked slap into the middle of a beautiful wedding with all the 
finery, the ladies were gorgeous in their sari's and the guys were 
dressed equally splendidly in their suits. We walked in on the buffet just outside the
main ballroom wearing out paper crowns and carrying various crap we had
picked up that day... well excuse me for getting a fit of the giggles! 
It seemed like it was the longest walk ever to find the entrance to the main lobby
and the guests seemed just as surprised as we were to be there. 
Eventually one of the food servers helped us out of there... and as we 
got to the elevator Syd announces "can I get an AWKWARD!!"
That was it for me... I think I laughed until I peed my pants all the way up to the 
tenth floor!! I love my kids!! 

We probably should have stuck around a little longer because the food looked and 
smelled delish! I love Indian food and the onion bhaji's looked FANTASTIC!!! 
I wonder if anyone would have noticed me filling up a great big napkin with goodies and 
smuggling it up in the elevator??? 


Coffeypot said...

Well, even though you snubbed me, I hope you had a great time. I kinda like our aquarium...Chattanooga’s is better. And I am a great tour guide. Next time let me know.

Brian Miller said...

ha. great pic of the aquarium...and too funny on the could have tried to pass as a distant cousin...

Char said...

i've always wanted to see an indian wedding in person, they look so beautiful on tv.