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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Randomonium Continues.

This pollen has gotta go... can't get a decent carwash in town b/c the lines are 
out the wazzoo. The auto carwashes are broken from overuse and the kids charge too 
much for the Jeep... Daddy's car... cheap.. my hunkin' pile o' hunkiness... too much!!! 

What is up with my body... not going into details... honestly I'm not ready for the 
rocking chair just yet but things are straining and paining all over the place. Is this what
the rest of my life is going to be like? Oh forties you are so cruel, had I known the
level of your torture I would never have hailed your arrival like I did!! Now... where'd 
I leave those thirties, I truly need them right now. 

Ash treated us to a puppet show tonight which was excellent if I do say so myself.
First she had to go over the rules "it's a puppet show, there has to be rules!!"
Only thing was there were more rules than puppet show.
Raise your hands if you have a question, no interrupting and this one was for Daddy...
"no looking over where I am Bucko!! "

His gorgeousness has a speaking car, now I do drive it on occasion and it has
never been a problem.... however... I realized tonight that I don't know how
to work damn thing.  Apparently it syncs to bluetooth (wtf does that even mean)
 he was on his cell phonein the house talking to his mother when I got into
his car and all of a sudden I could hear them talking!! Bwwaahahahaaaa
Maybe this is the way in which to spy on his conversations.
But it was boring so I sped off into the sunset and synced my own phone to the bluetooth.
From that moment on I was in conversation with the damn car saying things like
"help" and "cancel" and "call all my friends and invite them to a party"... apparently it doesn't
understand it when you say
"how do I make an effin' call??"

I went to the hairdressers this week and had a new stylist cut my hair...
mainly because I needed a late appointment and my salon closes before I could
make it. I was alarmed to hear the chick tell me that she could figure out
how the Tsunami affected Japan but didn't know what this radiation deal was????
I couldn't be bothered to explain.. I just chewed my gum and said "neeehh me neither!".
Hair turned out good, I guess she doesn't need to have a grasp of global current
events and the workings (or rather failings) of nuclear reactors in an earthquake
in order to make me into one hot mama!!!

Sydney's room is YELLOW!!!!!

That's it for today's Randomonium... hope you're having a random filled week!!
kiss kiss!! or muchos besos!!


Brian Miller said...

haha...we totally need a vid of you talking to the car...smiles. puppet shows are so cool!

Mamarazzi said...

funny talking car. loved your response to the air head cutting your hair and love when kids call their parents Bucko...oh the sasstacticness!

ModernMom said...

LOL I have so done that, pretended I don't know what is going on in the world because I don't feel like playing teacher!

So you were not kidding about the pollen!! I am not looking forward to that. Will stock up on Allegra now:)

beth said...

the forties have a been a bit cruel to my joints, too....often the aches and pains are just ridiculous !
hugs to you....