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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I have exceeded all expectations!

The expectations were pretty low so it's not surprising is it??? 

Apparently this is my 551st post... yes... well I think it is, according to the Edit Posts screen.
Does that include posts that I never published? Who cares? I'm claiming all 551 of them. 

And, forgive me Father, it's been two years since I last confessed began this little Blog!!!! 

So whatd'ya think of that, hmmmm???

There have been some highlights and lowlights (lows are prominent lately but we'll get thru it)
I particularly liked some of the early stuff mainly focused around the family. 
The girls were just seven and four when I started and oh so different at that time, they have 
done so much in the last two years and grown so, it's hard to even comprehend where the 
time has gone. Children are a great yard stick for our own growing, without them I think 
we'd forget to observe the passing of the time. They don't have to be your own kids, you can 
sometimes bump into a friend you haven't seen in a while, or visit with family members and 
quickly see that Wowzer.. has it been that long since you last got together because the
kids have grown three feet taller!! 
Also apparent now with the global sharing of family pics on FB! I last saw one of my 
best friends about six years ago, her son at that time was little with blonde hair and big
blue eyes. We recently connected on FB and he's about ten feet tall and very
grown looking. She said his voice is suddenly deeper than his father's too!! 

Lately I've had a hard time getting my create on... both in writing and photography (mainly
because I still haven't gotten that darn camera fixed). See... it's gone from my beloved Nikon
to that Darn camera in such a short time. But looking back over this blog it's kinda 
inspiring me to get my shit together and get back in the saddle. I think that now spring has
sprung it's helping too. 

One of my favorite posts was this one. Well worth a second look! 
I haven't done anything like it since then so maybe this will be the year I do it 
again... stay tuned. 
And then this was quirky... where did my quirk go??? 
Must put that on my to do list, find quirk and become reacquainted with it.

So my friends... if you're still hanging around after all this time I thank you so very
much! I love this blog, it's like a box for my thoughts and memories. If I ever 
really do get tired of it I think I'll print it all for posterity before I delete it. 
That may have to come when the girls are older and independent from
me and don't want it brought up by their college buddies! HA! 

Self portrait with the little Kodak.

My feet looked a good bit younger then... 

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 551 posts! It's a milestone!