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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Look at me... assuming that there may be readers in the Southern Hemisphere.
Assuming I have a world wide audience! 

Just thinking about my friends and family in South Africa and Australia 
who are headed into fall, not spring like the rest of us.

Ash has been working hard on the chalk board in the kitchen and I wanted 
to share it with the world ... sigh. 

I love the way she breaks out the stages of the flower growing. 

Well that's it for tonight. I feel good about Spring being just around the 
corner although we have experienced some horrendous weather today. 
Hope you too will be feeling the joys soon!  


likeschocolate said...

Us too! The rain hasn't stopped all day, but I know that it is a good thing or otherwise we would not have so much green.

Coffeypot said...

Spring IS just around the corner...check out my blog to see the proof.

Char said...

it was rough and stormy today - glad you safe and sound

McGillicutty said...

It's STILL storming here.. urgh... that last thunder made the whole house shake.. {peeing in my pants}

Brian Miller said... the picture...and thank goodness spring is finally getting here...this winter seems to have taken forever....

ModernMom said...

Oh I wish it felt that way around here! We are under a snow storm warning here in Ontario Canada. Enough already!