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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Corner View... Four Legged Friends.

This weeks Corner View is four legged, which of course fits me perfectly because I love to 
post pictures of my wickle baby shitties. 
Mac and Daisy are my constant companions, except of course when I have to go to work, which
seriously, is interfering with my doggy time!! and my leisure, social and shopping time.
Not to mention blogging time! 

Mac is the one completely embedded in the couch and Daisy is of course supervising his lazy
man time. She is definitely the alpha dog and can be quite the nagging bitch when she wants to be!!! 
They are siblings from different litters, we got Mac first and loved the little fella so 
much we went back to the breeder and bought Daisy. Nice breeders, none of this 
puppy mill crap, please check out the breeder if buying a puppy, better yet adopt one from 
your local animal shelter (this has been a PSA brought to you by Sarah McGloughlin).

Daisy likes to talk to get her message across and will come to me all excited to tell me 
she needs something, I then have to go thru a list of all things it could be and she will 
either lead me to the kitchen for a treat or to the back door to go out. 
Sometimes she'll lead me to my bed so I can pick her up to lay on it, she can't jump up 
there because she's a little on the tubby side but mainly because she's a Princess.

Mac on the other hand will scratch at doors, either to go out or get a treat or food. 
He knows where the goodies are located and can kinda open the cabinet door a smidge 
then let it bang so we know he's in the kitchen and wants to be fed dammit. 
Other than that he's fairly laid back and can easily get his skinny athletic self up
onto any bed or piece of furniture that may look like it's totally comfy. 

So that's it from me... I love my dogs more than life itself and often remind the rest of the
family where they stand in the pecking order. 
Wine, Shih Tzus and the rest of the world!!!!! 
For more Corner Views please check out the bloggers on my side bar, , over
there to your right.. go on.. do it.. they are really nice creative peeps and the 
object is to learn something new from all over the world. Cool.

my furry little friends , originally uploaded by McGillicutty1.


Coffeypot said...

They are two cute little dust rags. It's amazing how our four legged children can get in out hearts.

jane said...

wickle baby shitties. you crack me up. as i write this i´m eating popcorn. coco is at my feet, licking her lips waiting for some to fall...

Mrs. M said...

They're adorable and they KNOW IT! :)

Anonymous said...

They are absolutely adorable!