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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jelly Man... some randomonium methinks...

If you have kids and a Wii the Just Dance and Just Dance 2 are a MUST! 

If you have a Wii and don't have kids Just Dance and Just Dance 2 are still a must! 

If you have the need for a giggle JD and JD2 are a must. 

If you have ever tried to photograph a Jelly Fish you'll know that it's really tricky, 
if you have ever tried to photograph a jelly fish with a kinda everyday craptastic camera
(no offense Kodak, you generally serve me well) you'll know that you would 
be happy with this shot. Imagine if my beloved Nikon was fully functional! 
phhffttt considering it's something I love so much you'd think I would have had it fixed by now! 
Ever the procrastinator even when it pains me so. 

Look at these guys... I look at them and think.. yep I can relate buddy. 
They are lovely and shiny and well groomed, have the latest shades in scales and their
yellow accessories are to die for, yet they look so, well, sour faced!!!! 
Pissed off even.
I have been obesessing lately about my aging fading looks. I'm getting to 
be so old and it's apparent to me every time I catch my reflection... I have lines that 
trickle down from the corners of my mouth making me look exactly like 
these fish. I can pretty up the rest of me for all I'm worth but I still look 
like a miserable bitch... and I'm really not! well mostly not! 

Syd was in quiz bowl this weekend and for those not in the know outside the US this
is 8 rounds of general knowledge questions that the kids answer as a team.
Teams from schools across the area take part and they answer ten toss up questions, the 
team to buzz in and answer correctly then gets first dibs at answering the 2 bonus questions.
It lasted most of the day and unfortunately my little brainiac's team didn't do 
so well. However.... I am SO PROUD of her!!!!  and her team mates. 
They are all so sweet, they tried hard, there were no ego's or disagreements.
These five kids just got out there and had fun and did their best, I am impressed! 

OK don't want to keep ya here all day... ups and downs of the randomonium are
now over!!! Come back and see me next time y'all!!! mwwuaahhhh


Coffeypot said...

Go see my blog on Women Over 50. It will make you feel better. Three down.

Brian Miller said...

hey looks become vintage...there is still beauty its just different...

bet my boys would love just dance...