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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Glorious Spring how I adore thee...

It hasn't really been all that fun around here these past couple of days. There has been a lot of real life getting in the way of the fantasy life that I aspire to, you know the one where I wake up showered and made up, breakfast is waiting on the deck under a gorgeous gazebo and I then head off horse riding or playing golf before lunch with the ladies. Hmmmm... something's gotta give. 

The reality has been more like this, oversleep on Monday morning and have to rush around like a freak on crack to get everyone ready and out of the house.. thing was there was no school and we were headed to an appointment for Ashley to get this mysterious thingy cut out of her mouth and sent to some lab rat at FSU to determine just what it is.  We made it by the skin of our teeth, I stayed there with Ash while husband and number one child went to get hair cuts. Ash was a complete trouper and didn't fuss one bit, she didn't even need any of the medicines he prescribed for pain. That girl is tough. Husband and number one child came back with haircuts from hell, harsh but true.

We had a nice lunch and then we had to go see another dentist so that I could get a root canal. Yes, isn't that nice, a family day out getting all kinds of fun things done, not a mani/pedi in sight. Well, it didn't turn out quite like it should, you see being the relier on technology that I am I assumed if I took the address to the place with me I could put it in the Garmin and we'd get there first shot. Wrong. If you are familiar at all with Tallahassee, Fl you will know that there a bazillion doctors and dentists offices all over the city... it's the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. The stupid GPS couldn't find it and I only had a vague idea of where this place was, I did have their phone number but the bitches ladies in the office would not answer the damn phone!!! Even after the time of my appointment so I know they were there. Husband lost his mind and we headed home, that's the shortened version. I can't divulge all the details they are too ugly even for me to recount. Needless to say I still have my root and there is no canal... I'm saving it for another day. It's not like I'm in pain, how do I even know I need one? Stupid dentists, they're all nuts. 

Tuesday, uneventful... just some worsening pain in my stomach that nagged at me all ... day... long. 

Wednesday, wake up with same pain now it's worse and I decided to go see a doc, yes, me.. go to the doc. You can imagine I had to be hurting because I hate doc's more than dentists. Had some tests (of course!!) and they took blood, all of which showed them I was sick but they didn't know what it was. This is why I hate going to the doc, I knew I was sick.... I wanted a cure... write me a prescription for something don't just test me and tell me I'm sick but that you don't know how to cure it. "Mrs. M. lets see how you are in the morning, come on back and we'll get you in for a CT scan, goodbye".  Yeeaaahhhnnnooo I don't think so. So off I go home clutching my aching parts and head for the Milk of Magnesium. If in doubt, clean it out. That's my motto. And guess what, a gruesome few hours later and a lot of rest and I'm pretty much good to go. I feel better anyway, if there's something more going on we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, but no one is CTing me unless I'm at deaths door. 

And then this morning... little Ashley who has been doing so well with her reflux problem, decides that this is the day to resume vomiting for four hours straight. So although I am feeling better myself, I'm now the holder of the bucket and the nurse to the six year old. She is soooo good though, she knows the routine, she takes the medicine without a word and she just gets on with it. I cannot tell you how much I love that child and it pains me to see her like this, even though I know she'll be fine by this evening (fingers crossed)  I can't help but have a heavy heart when she goes through this symptomatic phase. I lay there with her watching Handy Manny and hoping this will be the last time. It's downright depressing. 

And all the while we're coming out of a horrible, long, dark winter into this glorious spring. The sun is shining, trees are blooming and everything is coming back to life. I want to be out there, enjoying this beautiful town and feeling the lovely sun on my skin. Instead, I will just open the windows and let the air into this house and hold my little girls hand until she feels better and gives me that goofy smile again. Here's to getting back to normal tomorrow!!!! 


spudballoo said...

Oh Ali, not a lot of fun here...bad teeth, bad haircuts, tummy ache, vomit, stuff being cut out of mouths...weep.

Bless your girl for being so stoic about it all. I know I wouldn't be. xx

Brian Miller said...

wow. hope you do get a little normal back into your life...and hope you are feeling better...ugh.

it was gorgeous spring weather here today...

Char said...

sending hugs for the rough patch you're having - hope everything is much better soon