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Monday, March 14, 2011

so many great blogs to read....

and no time to read them! Pffttthhhuummppphhhh.

We have literally been balls to the freakin' wall with stuff going on around here. 
I can't even think straight! I won't bore you with it all because it's nothing that 
interesting just everyday family stuff like appointments, laundry, cooking, 
painting and rearranging. Urgh. The list is never ending... and in the middle of it
all a damn time change to throw me completely off. 

I don't know about y'all reading this drivel but i seem to have a harder time with the
daylight savings now I'm an old fart than I ever did in my younger years. 
I get so I don't know which way is up and I just want to sleep all day! 
Maybe my brain is finally surrendering to all those late nights and early mornings
in the nineties when it was cool to work hard, play hard and burn the 
candle from every angle. 
Ash has been completing her Junie B. Jones "My Personal Beeswax" journal 
and asking me how to spell stuff... for the love of God I couldn't remember how
to spell lettuce... and she was looking at me like I'm crazy! I am crazy! 
Who in the heck can't spell lettuce (obviously Ash but she's in first grade!).
I'm pretty sure it's an indication that I may be in dire need of a break; or
an indication that I should eat more lettuce and lose those pesky 
pounds that are weighing down my intellectual parts as well as my bodily parts.
That's it... I've gotten so fat I can't think straight. 
Time for a haircut and tan.

In other news, I did take a four hour break yesterday which didn't help in the 
adjustment one bit to be honest. We went to a friends farm and did some fishing and 
walking and a little sitting in the sun. It felt glorious even though I was always
completely aware of the work that was not getting done at home. 
Total peace and quiet, the kids went off with the Dads at one point and I 
plonked down in an aderondac chair by the lake and just closed my eyes. 
There were some bass jumping, a couple of little bullfrogs burping and the 
birds happily singing. Bliss. I need this type of time to myself for about a week 
or so and maybe the batteries will recharge and I could brush up on my 
spelling again. 

This was my view... SOOP... straight out of phone !!! 
I haven't been very creative lately either and it's getting on my 
last nerve. It's like because I haven't stretched any creative muscles I've forgotten 
how to use them... like you don't use it you lose it!!! Shit.
Apparently that's what happened to my singing voice too. 

That's all from me, gotta get some well earned sleep, that is if I can get 
his gorgeousness to turn off the damn Wild Hog show he's watching. 
Apparently Georgia is a hot bed for these horrible man eating beasts and they 
are not afraid to come into your yard and eat you, your young and your shih tzus.
Sleep well my pretties. 


Brian Miller said...

so did you catch anything?

my son loved junie B....

McGillicutty said...

no i didnt personally catch any but the guys did and we had a lovely dinner!

Char said...

i have been having a horrible time with the time change too