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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A beautiful Quiche.... .

I know.. only a nerd would entitle a post that way... so be it. 

but I think you'll agree it's a beautiful quiche non????
I made it last night and was in awe when it came out looking as good as it did and 
tasting like the best freakin' quiche EVAH!!!! 

I don't cook something like this all that often but I guess I really should, I'm back 
on my "trying to get a healthy meal on the table every night" kick. 
Back on SparkPeople.. if you're trying to lose weight check out the site because
it's really awesome and when you check back in with me at Christmas
I will be 2 thirds of the person I am now. That's all I'm saying. 

I won something last night... I know you're excited for me aren't you?
I won a cookie and a drink at my local bookstore for commenting on their FB page. 
I never win anything, I was thinking of donating my winnings to charity but that would be
rude of me. So I'm going to head down there today and claim my prize with 
pride. Didn't you just say you're losing weight?? Yes I did... so I'll have 
to calculate the calories from the cookie and deny myself something else later
in the day; I did walk a little over a mile this morning on the treadmill so that 
has to count for something too right? See always negotiating with my inner Fat Kid.
I think I'll have to reread Jen Lancaster's books and take her lessons on board about
growing up and taking responsibility for this body of mine... urgghhh who wants
to do that??? seriously?????

I'm off to take a nap now because you burn more calories sleeping than you do
watching TV or blogging.... it's true because I said so. 
Toodles my dears.. come back soon I have a little surprise for you!!! 


Brian Miller said...

yummm....quiche sounds (and looks) wonderful...i am so hungry...about to get off work and head home for dinner...congrats on the cookie! woot woot!

Unknown said...

Wow the quiche looks amazing!!! I'm so glad I just ate pancakes or I would have trying to eat the quiche through the computer!!!

I love finding new blogs! So consider me a newbie who WILL be back :)

EG CameraGirl said...

The quiche does look beautiful! And NOW I am hungry...VERY hungry! :)