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Sunday, March 7, 2010

WoW... what a weekend...

Guess what we did Friday night? 
Actually by "we" I mean "me" and five little girls... his gorgeousness missed out on all the fun.

Yes, I am quite mad (English meaning of Mad, not the American)
I sat there with five little girls ranging in age from five to nine years old and enjoyed one of 
the best movies I probably have ever seen, I was totally immersed in it!!!
Johnny Depp is Da Bomb!!! His gorgeousness is quietly jealous of my Depp Raving.. i know it.

Yesterday was a whirl wind too... we did some long overdue shopping for the house.
Seemed like we drove all over South GA in order to get just what we needed but it was 
worth it. I am starting to feel like after being in this house for five years things are 
finally coming together. If only I could get the outside finished... it's been in the process 
of being painted for well.. about three and a half years now!!! And we're starting 
other projects inside??? yes I am completely bonkers!!! I have a busy day again today
so I"ll make this a short post. I'm really hoping that when I get out for a little bit
today I can take some pictures and get some mojo flowing again in that 
direction. I did manage to snap this the other day and it makes me hopeful that 
Spring is on the way!!!! Please God send us Spring!!!!! 

Happy Sunday y'all... hope you're having a good weekend too!!!! 


Adoption of Jane said...

Awesome!! I really want to go see it. Was suppose to go yesterday with my daughter but she saw it with a friend Friday Night!

Megan said...

I wasn't planning on seeing that movie, but since you said it's that good, perhaps I'll have to re-think it.

Brian Miller said...

have not seen it yet...cant wait. been an incredible chill weekend with the fam here...the pic at end there is amazing. love it.

Barb said...

I love that pic! I can't wait for spring. My daffodils are peeking up from the soil but nothing is in bloom yet. That's what I miss about the South. I'll probably see Alice in Wonderland, but maybe in a couple of weeks. I hate to go when it's crowded! Happy Sunday!

Tracey said...

I want to see the movie too but I don't want to drive to another town to see it. They closed the movie theatre a mile from my house and I'm not happy about it.

I'm ready for spring too. I'm so sick of the wet weather.


Char said...

love your magnolias!! isn't the pink just beautiful?

i also want to see Alice but my nephews balked at going with mom and the i'll wait until next weekend. i can't wait.

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

I have been hearing SO much great stuff about this movie! I MUST go see it soon! Thanks for the reminder!

Matty said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm hearing some good things about it. You are a real trooper taking all those kids.

Yes, bring on the spring.