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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photography is fun!!!

Tuesday nights are photography class night... OMG... it's so much fun I can't tell you!!! 
I love it. The guy who teaches it is a local portrait photographer and although I am sure that's 
not where my forte lies, as seen in the pictures below, I am learning from him and I love it!

This week he asked us to take models ... of course I took the girls!! Not that I actually wanted
to, I knew I was asking for trouble, but his gorgeousness was out of State.. not only out of 
town but out of the damn State!!!! 
So off we go to the studio, it's all rush, rush, rush, i get there and he's talking, talking, talking
then he starts metering the light... yes I know... metering the light... and tells us what to 
do with out f-stop and blah blah.. I can tell you're impressed. And it hits me ... 
dumb ass McGilly left the battery for her Nikon in the charger!!! Grrrrr!! 
Dingbat... that's me. So I ran home and got it.. y'all forget we live in a wee tiny 
place and nothing is more than five mins from my house. The class then proceeded and I 
took some of the worst pictures you've ever seen!!!! 

Here's Syd making faces behind teach's head!! 
I was taking pics and dying of shame all at the same time!!! 
He was a real sport, what she didn't know was that he could see her in a mirror
all the time.... funny stuff.

Here's Syd and Ash looking like a couple of stuffed dummies from the eighteen 
hundreds!!! I am quite sure this is not the type of picture i want to take.

And here is my necklace on my nightstand when I got home and into bed!!! 
I used what I had learned about this setting, that number, this light metering and that
depth of field and took this with nothing but the light of the lamp on my nightstand. 
and I like it!! Don't love it but I like it!!!!

Most of all I love that my teacher recognized the type of pictures I want to take and 
when I was leaving the studio he let me borrow one of his books on still life. 
It's incredible and I'm honored that he's already clicked with what I want to do and that
he's not trying to force me into the type of thing he does.. now that's a class act!!! 
Can't wait for next week... a field trip.. woo woo!!!!! 


mama-face said...

LLOL. You're daughters are cute and hilarious. Just like mom?

Gosh, You're so excited I feel like I want to send you a big shout out. Consider it done.

Brian Miller said...

oh, the necklace on the night stand is divine...great shot!

An Open Heart said...

Take a picture of a Peace sign for me and email it to me, PLEASE!


spudballoo said...

Ha love the girls being goofy story, fab.

So pleased you're enjoying it so much! Yay. xx

Mighty M said...

Sounds fun! I hope to be able to take some photography classes in the future!

The Bumbles said...

I'm with you. I like still life - as opposed to real life which moves and makes it more challenging not to cut their heads off in the shot.

I am struggling with the light settings on my Olympus point & shoot - the auto ones are crap and the manual options aren't coming out much better when using interior lighting. Everything is either washed out or orange.

Matty said...

HA, I love the candid pictures of your "subjects". I just started a photo blog, but I'm just a point and shoot guy. Everything on full auto settings.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

That first picture is hilarious! You must frame it!

Your girls are so beautiful, just like their Mama!