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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Photog Class going well....

So whatchya think???
Don't comment on the sheer handsomeness of the subject, we all know he's gorgeous... 
I just need some constructive criticism applause on the actual quality of the photograph.
See I even call it a photograph now, it's just too fab to be a mere picture! 

OK, I'll stop now. 

If you have been thinking of taking a class and there is one in your area (check with your
local tech college) you really should do it. It is SO MUCH FUN!!!! 
I have learned something new every single week and it's starting to sink in and come together
so that I think I could probably take some half way decent pics. The aperture and shutter speed are still somewhat confusing but when you put them together by using a light meter... ping... the bulb 
goes off!!!!!  I can't justify the purchase
of a light meter right now (just got my tripod!!) but it's right at the top of my wish list.

I'm still pounding away at the picture a day project, it's kinda hard to fit in to my schedule and I 
feel I'm somewhat neglecting the blog but if I quit my job and sold the kids I could do it all! 

Now if only I could get my pictures imported from the damn card I could show you
a couple more from recent weeks... but the darn thing keeps giving me some kind of 
an error that's about to get on my last nerve!!! I really think it's something to do with 
me trying out that stupid free trial of Lightroom ... it's totally effed up my downloading
into Picasa... Grrrrrr. 

Well that's if from me today, hope this little snippet inspires those of you into amateur
photography to go take a class and get fancy!!! hee hee.



rxBambi said...

wow, that really is a good *photograph*! I love the shimmery background (bokeh??)

great job!

tori said...

Awesome pic! I would love to take a class like that...I was on the verge of signing up for a spinning class but maybe I'll do this big butt can always wait a little longer!

Brian Miller said...

a very handsome picture...

Megan said...

Bravo, bravo!!!!

Char said...

with light room - i had some issues and i'm trying to think of the combo of things i did to get it to work right. but then again, i just get my camera to download into a file and then i decide what program to open with. I know I use "download from current location" when i open Light Room.

Anyway - the shot is great - told you that already. :) looks like you are learning a lot.

spudballoo said...

This is a FANTASTIC portrait, and yay you for that and mastering light meters etc etc. Can you teach me!

Compare this shot of the one of His Handsomness a while back (by a tree, you and I chatted about it). And what progress. Fabulous stuff.