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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Randomonium Prevails....

Whenever I feel kinda adrift (I think that's the best way to describe it) I do a 
Randomonium post and it all makes sense again... so here goes...

I think I've mentioned the goings on at Chez McGilli lately, the improvements
are tremendous and I'm noticing not only does it look better around here it feels 
better. There's a kind of flow, a niceness, just a thing..I don't know but i'm 
liking it whatever it is. 

The girls will have their birthdays soon, how quickly time flies when 
you can see them growing right in front of your eyes. They never cease to 
amaze me though... the other day this happened... Ash blew bubbles......
and Syd said "if bubbles were alive they'd run away from you"!!!! 
I laughed. 

Syd has adopted a new tactic when dealing with a telling off, she stares at me with 
attitude all over her face. She watches a lot of animal planet and I'm guessing she's
going with the whole whoever looks away first thing is the loser...well I'm bigger, 
older and your Mama, I'll always be alpha dog in this house!!! 

I'm really starting to stink at the photo a day project (and pretty much stink on the blog
lately too). It seems there's just not enough things to take fantastic pictures of every day 
without them becoming forced and boring. Unlike the one above, that is the 
type of thing I'm looking for in a picture and it just doesn't happen every day. 
I wish I was better. 

The best thing happened to me the other day, I was as per usual trying to find 
a groomer who would take the dogs NOW. I never plan ahead so therefore 
they are always booked. One vet's office gave us the number of a new place in 
town and they had a spot... so I took the dogs there only to discover it was 
the chick who grooms them at the other pooch parlor and she's gone out on her
own... I'm pumped!!!! She has a fresh, new funky salon (or whatever you call it) and
I already know she's good, and she's cheaper... Booyah!!!! 

Finally, the weather here is gorgeous and I could sit out back with a glass of
wine every minute of the day and night... but alas I have laundry to attend 
to... laundry, wine out back, laundry, wine out back, laundry, wine
out back.... where did I leave that cork screw????


Stacey said...

I'm so jealous! We are still getting snow at least once a week! While I know we need it for the hay field, I'm anxious to start my flower gardens... FYI - new project has never been announced. Playing it close....

otin said...

Maybe if you laid off on the wine, your photos would be clearer!

McGillicutty said...

Otin... you are so funny... of course they wouldn't be, wine makes everything better!!! LOL.

la ninja said...

hey ho, so you didn't sell the kiddos after all. well, no wonder you have limited time.

that pic's lovely, pet. keep randomoniuming or whatever keeps you sane. that's the trick, really.

off for a walk in the sun (freezing though, bastards) before matey mate from london arrives for the easter w-end. yay. that helps on the sanity front too. friends.

Conny said...

" where did I leave that corkscrew?" = in the laundry basket? Look there first.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Oh crap! You just reminded me that I have laundry in the washer. I gotta go.

Have a wonderful weekend!