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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Very Quick Quickie Quickity Quick Quick...

Time for more... RANDOMONIUM!!!!!!!!

Today is a very special day... the day before St Patrick's Day.. it's... 

This was my cake but I'm willing to share with you!!! xxxx

The time change has kicked my ass well and truly, that and the fact that I never, ever, ever
get a good night's sleep... even in the new bed!!!!! 

I have been doing a quiet little survey of the parents dropping their kids off at school in the 
mornings and I have come to the conclusion that smokers are less likely to let you in than
 non-smokers!!!!! I detest that they are even smoking in the car with their kids, but they are rude as well!!
(I am an ex-smoker, I let everyone in).

Today is day eight of the 1st phase of the South Beach diet, I tried on my 
string bikini this morning... um may need another 80 days of phase one!!! 

That chick who slept with "Johnny" Edwards.... ppshhhttttt. 

Hubby recently wrecked his car, they have totalled it, his fleet department don't have
another car spare so he'd driving around in a rental, a Ford F150, he looks like a 
big boy now!!! I love that he's having fun in his big boy truck.

Syd and Daddy went to SeaWorld on Friday, a school trip. Thankfully no trainers
were drowned while they were there. 

That's all from the McGillicutty NewsDesk for this morning... check back with me tomorrow 
for another week of Corner View!!!! Yes I'm actually planning on doing one 
tomorrow before Jane fires me from the project!!! Besos Jane. xxx


Brian Miller said...

nice cake...happy birthday to auntie...the time change is killing me...need to adapt...

The Fragrant Muse said...

Are those Cheerios on the cake? I tried SB a few years ago but was tooooo hungry all the time. I'm an ex-smoker and let everyone in too. Love your random brain :-)

mama-face said...

Love it. Happy Birthday! Who's Aunt Kim and are those froot loops? :)

You outta make this a meme..."The Newsdesk".

mama-face said...

or oughta...duh. or technically should...

bye now. :)

Conny said...

Love the quickity quick randomonium!! See you tomorrow on CV. :>)

rxBambi said...

you are very random today =)

I'm an ex-smoker too and I can't believe I ever smelled as bad as that. Barf.

fruit loops on cake? you are one weird brit. But I love ya.

Mighty M said...

Are those fruity cheerios on the cake? I would have never thought of that, yet they are so sweet and tasty I bet they would go well with cake!

McGillicutty said...

Re the cake... I got the idea from another blog which I wish I could remember it... she made a much better cake than mine and she decorated with fruit kix... it looked way cool!!!!
the cereal is supposed to be just dotted on the cake but the girls decided to dump them on there!!!! lol