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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I blog, you blog, we all blog...yippeeeee!!

Why do we blog?

Green Eyed Momster recently did a post the reasons for blogging and how come we “meet” the people we do online.

Well, I am copying taking this opportunity to  bore you to death with my own reasons for doing what I do. I loved Green Eyed’s post and thought I could do a little big one of my own.

I started my blog just after turning 40 when I thought there might be something I have to say, I thought there might just be someone out there willing to listen read and it would be fun. There was no real intention of finding friends and making connections. We all talk about it from time to time how we intertwine and feel good about checking in on our bloggy friends every day, but I have gotten so much MORE and not only for me, myself and I but also the kids in the town where I live.

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about having a fund raiser coming up and how I was trying to get some auction items together in order to raise money, this is where Kim comes in. Kim lives pretty close to me and runs a couple of businesses as well as blogging (a terrific blog ) and raising teenagers. Now let me tell you, I was touched beyond belief at her kindness, Kim was Johnny on the spot and sent me a gift basket from her lovely website full of delish items that we love in the south.  Honey, grits, peanuts, cookbooks you name it!!! Then if that wasn’t enough she also offered up her fabulous condo on the beach at Tybee Island for a long weekend!!! I was beside myself… here’s someone I have never met in person but she’s so generous and kind and it’s all because of the blogging that we connected. All because one day she decided, and one day I decided, to write something online and take some pictures and share a little of our lives. I am so thankful for Kim, I hope you all head over there and tell her what a terrific person she is.

Then there’s Marinik and Spud… they are always there to encourage me when I pretend to go on a diet and lose weight. Even though they’ve been hearing the same old crap since July they are still my cheerleaders when I announced the start of yet another real diet!!! How many is that now? Anyway, this time I was again touched that they are encouraging me so I’m determined not to disappoint. Spud takes the best pictures and Marinik is the sweetest lady around with great recipes that I will not be trying for myself but may test on my family.

Who can do a post on blog friends without mentioning the Blog Campers… yay for the fearless females who travelled to Reno and enjoyed the marvelous hospitality of Sara. Great memories that will last a long, long time. That’s where I met the vivacious Bambi, it all started when she emailed me one day and begged me to go to Reno, even though it could well have gone pear shaped if I had boiled her Mama’s cat. But I didn’t. Her Mama is a doll too. Otin, although I have never met him I know he’s weird in a Jersey/SC kind of a way, and I enjoy his blog and his comments, he’s just one of the girls and we love him. There is Willow and Little Ms Blogger and Michel who’s a riot, or a mess or whatever she is, she’s hilarious.

I really don't give a crap about the reasoning behind it and I'm not into over analyzing everything, i really just want to make a statement that I love my new found hobby, pastime, recreational do-dad, whatever you want to call it.... it ROCKS!!! 

As well as the friendships and the fun and the banter I'm learning all kind of weird stuff, stuff about drugs, quilting, crocheting, photography and cooking...who'da thunk it. 

I've also started to do the Postcrossing thing with Syd and she's ecstatic about it every time a new post card drops in the mail box. She's learning about other places around the world, I know she'd love to blog, I tried to find a kid out there she can share a blog with, they will present themselves one of these days. For now she's content with the postcards. I don't let her read my blog of course there's way too much of me she doesn't need to know about right now, but it would be cool to help her with one of her own. 

Anyway, you little cyber peeps out there, let me know what you think? Have you met your online friends for real? where they what you thought they'd be? Who is game to host another Blog Camp? (there may already be one planned I haven't checked the original site in a long time!!). Talk to me, people, talk to me!!!!


Mike said...

Just one of the girls! Thank you? I think? hahaha! :))

Sarah Anne said...

Blog Camp is hopefully in my future some day. After I have money and adulthood, anyways. Lol.

Unknown said...

Yes, we all blog! For us and for the wonderful friendships we make! It's funny how all of us had no idea of the possibilities when we started blogging...