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Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Nano Second Friday...

Don't really have time for a happy hour this morning so will just jot a few things down and hope they make you happy know the deal go see Bambi and Otin and check out their happies.

This pic makes me happy, she's a clown and told me this morning I'd be sad if there were no clowns in the house... she's right.

Yard Sales make me happy, especially when you do them with other people and buy more of their shit than you're actually selling of your own!!!!!

Newly groomed shih tzus make me happy....I always get them in there somewhere don't i?

The fact that Bambi lost a follower makes me happy, I lost one too and was hurt, humiliated and downright depressed but now I am happy... it's probably the same person and it's just a Blogger thing.

The comments on my potty picture make me happy, thinking of more shocking pictures to post in the future... I loved that everyone called it a LOO!!!!

South GA has experienced some fantastic weather this week and that makes me happier than a happy thing on a happy day!!!! I think we're headed back to major heat next week though!!! for now I will enjoy mornings in the fifties!!! Woo Hoo.

That's all folks... got get going... lots to do!!! love y'all.


rxBambi said...

That was pretty good for a zippy post! I'm sorry you lost a follower but the rest of us love you lots.
You are totally crazy lady!

Mike said...

That picture is hysterical!!!!

tori said...

puppy breath makes me happy!
and I really like shih tzus--the neighbors is just a dog whore. I could tell.

tori said...

hey, I gave you one of those award thingies. stop by when you get a chance. Have a good weekend!

Jeannette said...

Good for me that I have a clown (or was it a husband) at home...everyone should have one! ;)

julochka said...

ahh, followers come and go, don't worry about it, there's always new ones coming along...

i wish people here would have yard sales, but they never do....sigh.