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Monday, October 26, 2009

OK I'm back.... lets have some Randomonium shall we?

Vodka and Cranberry is my new thing, yum!

It's hard to hug your finest friends when you're wearing a cowboy hat, weird how it falls of when you get close to someone!!

Daughter # 1 has weird tummy problems and I'm wondering if she's suffering from IBS, what should I do about that seeing as I don't trust Docs in general???

His Gorgeousness has earned extra, extra brownie points for getting a little man over here to look at the internet connection... truly wonderful job, it now works like a champ!!

Tickled to death with the pictures I took of my darling little girls at the cotton fields the other day, can't wait to do something with them now. Getting a little overwhelmed with all the choices, there are cards to be made, prints to be ordered, all kinds of stuff and I'm afraid of one session overload. You know what I mean, when you take a lot of pictures of them at one particular time and then use them everywhere and give them to everyone!!! Been there done that, thought I was over it but apparently not.

Now I am free of all things Cowboy Ball I can get back to checking out new blogs, I have made some wonderful new friends lately and don't want to let them down by being blogomus absentimus.

Halloween is coming... Sara has done fine things in her house, why oh why does she live on the other side of the freaking country (and this is a big ol' country). I need her here... now!!!!

I am missing Bambi!! I heart her!!

Today there has been no wind, not a whisper, not a breeze, it's totally still. Spooky.

For some reason I am totally paralyzed in the getting things done department, for the last two days I have kind  of wandered around thinking there's lots to do but can't actually move my arms and legs to do it. I have learned to accept this as a temporary state of being, I'm not going to analyze it, just hope that tomorrow will be a day when I can move my arms and legs and get these things done.

and finally in this merry list of random thoughts.... why is is that I can install five hooks for towels all within a respectable distance of the shower and hubby still leaves them in a stinky pile on the floor on his side of the bed? Are men just wired that way?

Now, what kind of random thoughts are you having????


otin said...

I love vodka cranberry, but have never worn a cowboy hat!

I wish that there were some windless days here!

Fragrant Liar said...

Yes, men are just wired that way. Most of 'em anyway.

Random thought of the moment: should I get out of these clothes and into some sweats and a comfortable position, or am I going to continue slumping over my laptop till my neck hurts?

News at 11.

The Fragrant Muse said...

The Fragrant Muse posting after Fragrant Liar. Hmmmmm

So no pics of cowboy hat? C'mon! And yes, the man towel thing is part of their genetic coding. IBS is physical but can have an emotional source, too. Maybe she should see a naturopathic doctor. Or see if she likes massage - 1/2 hour a week for a month may do wonders.

willow said...

vodka + cranberry = yum

(My fave is Svedka)

rxBambi said...

I used to always drink Stoli vodka with cranberry. That was thanks to my psyche 101 TA that I went out with... after the semester was over. But god he was hot. Seriously I lusted after him for that whole freaking semester. Shit is it hot in here? What was I going to say? I don't remember. God her was so... so... hot. And smart. And hot.

rxBambi said...

A. That was "he" was so hot
B Thanks for the shout out.
I totally heart you too!!

spanky* said...

"Daughter # 1 has weird tummy problems and I'm wondering if she's suffering from IBS, what should I do about that seeing as I don't trust Docs in general???"

to be completely honest, i was reading you blog, got to this line & scrolled up to make sure that this wasn't my mothers blog!!!

I'm her daughter number 1... & i've been dealing with these horrible tummy issues for months... Doc. said that i have IBS & it SUCKS.

I'm not sure how old daughter #1 is, but from the pictures on your blog, i'm guessing she's young.
I'm 23, so the way that i deal with it is much different than someone little would.
I'm not sure if a little girl would have IBS since it's Stress Related.

If it is, then the best thing to do is help her calm down. i've been living with it for over 6 months & it hasn't gotten any better. i actually was put on Zoloft for anxiety as a hopeful cure... i don't know if it's working or not.

I would take her in to the Doc with your suspicions. The Doc might see something you didn't.

trust me, i hate going to the Docs... i've been THAT patient my entire life... the one that has the Docs scratching their head, unable to give me any help or any answers... 9/10 times... until i broke a rib, which they could identify, but still couldn't do anything FOR it!

good luck! I luv the blog!