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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blue... just a little blue...

Sometimes when everything is going really well and you're caught up in a lot of things at once and the world is moving very fast it's hard to imagine it's all going to stop. Then it does. And then what?

I hate it when this happens.   I have been so wrapped up in my to do lists that I have been busy, busy, busy and I realized I am very happy to be busy as a bee.  Then when the to do list turns into the done list, I am all of a sudden at a loss. I feel like something is missing, where are all the phone calls, the urgent emails, the fires to be  extinguished etc etc etc ....   not that it's truly over yet but it's coming I know it. I know that after the last bid is made, the last two step is danced and the mechanical bull is put out to pasture I will no longer be needed.

Oh I'll still be needed by the family and that always makes me happy, I love it when I can complain about having to check this folder and send that pumpkin to school or buy gummy worms for a project. There will still be laundry to do and furniture to polish and my God the floors never cease to need vacuuming. I know my domestic bliss will be gleefully calling me each and every day, but the "Ball" won't. I have truly enjoyed being able to work on something this big and give my time and efforts.  I have a sense of accomplishment when I know that a task is complete and I can see it all coming together. It's a thrill to know that on Saturday night there'll be a band playing, people will be socializing and having a great time, the beer will flow freely and all the time we'll be making money for a good cause.  I sincerely hope this is as successful as I am envisioning and that I don't have to come back on Sunday and blog about what a horse turd it turned out to be!!!!

It's like an addiction to know that I am constantly in communication with a gaggle of wonderful ladies, all of whom have given their utmost to make sure they're piece of the puzzle is in place. It's totally like something I have read about in those good Southern novels, no wonder Southern ladies make such good writers, there's a lot happens around here to write about. People are so funny and even in stressful situations we can pull together and make it work. When one of the generous people making a donation tries to get tickets in exchange, Southern gals can politely make it very plain to him that ITS A FREAKIN DONATION.. you buy your tickets and then someone bids on the DONATION.  You don't give us an item in exchange for tickets, that's not how it works and it ain't gonna happen baby, not in this lifetime.

Did anyone get the invitation to JT? now his donation is strictly personal and he does not have to buy a ticket, got it?

So just a few more days and then I will go back to blogging as usual... I just can't get all this out of my head right now so it's going in the blog. OK. Please don't disfollow me just 'cos I keep rambling about the same thing!!!!!! More rambles to come later I promise..... thanks for the support!!! Hugs.


rxBambi said...

awww punkin I always need you. Someone's gotta pour the wine damn it.

I really wanna go to your ball and ride a cowboy. Hubby is sick, maybe I'llwork on it a little tonight. Maybe he'll say yes just to get me to shut the hell up.

hugs xxoo

McGillicutty said...

HAHAHA that's funny. If he does say yes then I don't want you anywhere near Johnny T. Got it???

Indiri Wood said...

I sat on the couch last night and realized that I had nothing to do and no obligations for the first time in a LONG time. It was SO nice. For one day... Now I'm not sure what to do tonight. Sorry you're blue but hopefully that won't last long.

Ian said...

Blue used to be my favourite album, and I remember that wistful song, Just a Little Green. I'll have to listen to it again now.