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Monday, October 12, 2009

Apparently someone else thinks I'm Fabulous!!!!!

Thank you my fine friend!  Ms Barb over at Sassy and Ginger Chronicles has very generously bestowed upon me this lovely award. Please, after reading this post, go and check out her blog, she's a tremendously generous and giving person with a big heart and more guts than me!! She fosters stray dogs until a permanent home is found for them, this in itself deserves a Fabulous Award, however, she also manages to share pictures of said cute dogs and make me cry when she has to break the attachment and send them to a new home. I was really sad to see Happy Gilmore go...anyway I'm rambling!!!! Oh yeah, that's what I do!!!!

The rules of the award are to accept it gracefully, blog about five things your obsessed about lately and then pass it on to two worthy recipients so here goes.......

1. Cowboy Ball... this is an annual event and this year I get to chair it. yay me. note that this is not a good healthy obsession and that in a couple of weeks I may collapse in a heap and never be heard from again.
2. Blogging.... goes without saying, has been a obsession for some time now and after about eight months I may just be getting the hang of it.... although it's like getting babies into a routine, just when you're they're trained the routine changes and something else pops up.
3.Couponing. I'm not quite as obsessed as some of my friends and most of the female population of T-ville but it's a funny little thrill to be able to come out of Publix saving more than you spent. There's even a blog about it and so it becomes a double obsession!! Booyah!!!!!
4. My kids are an ongoing obsession and probably always will be. Lately there's been a lot more drama and some concerns, shall we just say parenting is a lot more complicated than the fifteen minutes they take to make if you know what I mean!! hee hee hee.
5. Ummm don't know about the fifth thing really? There's not a food or a drink I'm obsessing about at the moment which is weird for me, usually there's something i love that i totally eat the heck out of until I'm sick of it but can't think of anything right now! So now I'll probably just obsess about not having a digestible obsession!

So dearest OCD friends, lets see what these lovely bloggers have been obsessing about lately....
I'm nominating The Peach Tart...too funny and i'm thinking she might have more than 5!!!!
and, Kim over at Savannah Gourmet, I can guess two of her obsessions but I'll let her tell you!! Kim is a totally fabulous person who has completely restored my faith in the inherent goodness of (wo)man.
Please visit these ladies and enjoy some Southern Hospitality Y'all. We may just start our own Southern Splinter Group....wanna be a groupie??????


Anonymous said...

thank you friend!!! (but what two things am I obsessed with? I have no idea what you're thinking - do fill me in!) ok - i'm going to think and post - i may have to sleep on this and ponder my obsessions - today was nuts!

rxBambi said...

I grew up in Memphis, isn't that southern enough to be one of your groupies???

Congrats on the award! And Yes, Bard is a-freakin-mazing :)

The Peach Tart said...

Thanks so much for my award. I love this award and it's extra special coming from you. I will be posting it soon along with my 2 obsessions. Thanks again.

McGillicutty said...

Kim, you're obsessed with Inner Ramblings and LPC of course! are IN the southern thing you don't have to be a groupie you're a groupER!!!!!

TPT... Can't wait to see your obsessions and thanks for joining in... I think you'll like it here with us pseudo Southern Chicks.