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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back to School..... already?

The fishing pier at the Sunshine Skyway bridge, Tampa, Fl.

Ashley at Weeki Watchi Springs... yes folks that's spring water, pure as it gets, and very cold!!!

The girls in a motor raft at Aunt Kim's house.....too cool Aunt Kim!!!

Syd concentrating hard on navigating the pool in said motor raft.

So, one more week of summer break left, that's all... can't really believe it!!! Next weekend will be August... what the heck did we do all summer? Well, Ashley got sick and needed professional care, mama just didn't cut it. We lost a beloved family member, m-i-l's dog Ellwood passed away after a visit to our place for July 4th. The girls spent their first summer staying home with a teenager babysitting... worked out well. They also went to Nanny's house for a week and that was the first time they'd both spent any length of time away from their doting parents...worked out well. We lost a very close family friend, the grandmother of one of my bestest friends in the world. We welcomed baby Gwen, daughter to Sara and Kenny (cousin's on Hubby's side). Sister (on my side) getting a divorce.... and our house was flooded, leaving us in rented accommodation the size of a postage stamp. Those are some of the low lights and highlights of our summer of '09.

Not to worry though, we're looking forward to a new start in so many ways. We're very thankful for what we have, spending so much time together in a small place makes us realise we are a real team. The girls are growing and they get it... they really get it... they are involved, understanding, wonderful little people and when the family has a crisis they get it. More than once this summer Sydney has said prayers without being prompted, she just knows, she's eight now and such a grown up little eight year old, she told me when we had to figure out the whole flood thing that it's a maze and we'll wiggle through one piece at a time.... I won't ever forget that!!!!
Ashley has grown this summer too, not so many tantrums, more play time with sister without a fuss. She sings well, she reason's well, she loves to paint and create, she's hilarious and most of all she's not a baby any more!!

So back to school they go, we won't be back in the house before they return to school but we'll make the best of it. When we do get back it will be like a brand new place, a new beginning, a new time for our family to move on and grow stronger, tighter and more loving. Bring it on!!!!!!


rxBambi said...

Did you post about the flood? You've mentioned it several times but I don't think I've read or heard about it all.
The pictures look awesome.
I can't believe it's already the end of July either.
One of my favorite quotes from Steele Magnolias:
"Time marches on and sooner or later you realize it's marching across your face"

McGillicutty said...

Well no, I haven't had the heart to go through it all... it was a burst water heater that continued to piss out water for the time we were away... it's ridiculous the damage water can do!!! Soon be back in a pretty much brand new house though. Yay.
I love Steel Magnolias and you have to have lived in the South to appreciate it fully I think. I want to be Weeza... or however you spell it.

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

What?! When the heck does your school begin? Ours isn't until labor day or thereabouts.

Like you, I have two kids and used to tell them how there were four of us and, like the wheels of a bus, every one of those wheels needs to work or we wouldn't function. I don't know that it made any impact, but mom sure felt clever with her metaphor :-)

jane said...

really? your kids go back to school next week? Mine have another 6 weeks of vacation. have you gone notebook shopping yet? i love back to school supplies...

McGillicutty said...

We did a little school shopping at the weekend...clothes mostly, supplies will be this weekend when we have a list. yay!

caitlin said...

Seriously they motorized pool floaters?? I always had to deal with the ones that were barely wide enough for your body and would tip as soon as you tried to "mount" it. (Why do I suddenly sound like my mother?)

spudballoo said...

Gosh what lovely photos!!! That first one is amazing, don't see that round here're being v stoic about the flood I must say. I just moaned a LOT about it when we had ours...

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