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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life in small apartment.... episode 1.

Having been forced out of our home by 2000 gallons of water rampaging through the house at a snails pace really, wreaking havoc with the floors and the baseboards not to mention messing with the drywall and cabinets.... we find ourselves in a small but very nice apartment. Four people and two dogs (the fish are with a wonderful neighbor) crammed into what I would think is probably less than 1000 square feet of living accommodation. It has it's pro's and it's cons. Each week while we live here I will bring you an episode of Life in Small Apt.... today is week 1.

The Pro's my dear Watson are.......
  • People make dinner for you or offer to have you over for dinner..... yes!!!!! This is a real good Southern tradition... one I adore... when a family is in some kind of upheaval or experiencing illness or death within their ranks, the community at large offer food. We have had the BEST lasagna ever... and coconut cake to die for... last night was hamburgers, potato salad, coleslaw and beans.... YUM... an especially wonderful family in the hood gave us a gift card to the best Pizza joint in town and Sat night we relaxed there and had a wonderful evening, chatting, enjoying the fabulous pizza and watching limousines drive around town...yes you heard it Limos in T-ville!!!! Marvelous Dahling!!

  • Clean up is a snap, whoop whoop....pick it up, carry it three paces and put it away... job done.

  • There is only one door to this place therefore don't have to walk around locking up every night and only have to worry about burglars coming in from that one door.

  • I am literally one minute (probably less but my car clock does not have seconds) from work... I don't even get into fifth gear and I'm hooooommmeeeee!

And the cons.....

  • Have to take the dogs out to pee on a leash, if you're in the vicinity and see a weird lady in pj's with a couple of shih tzu's pulling her around grassy area's ..that's me.

  • Lack of cooking utensils... limited to one steak knife I grabbed before the packing crew got them... those people work at the speed of light it was like a game of cat and mouse and if it went into the box, they weren't letting go!!

  • Kids have to share a room and sleep in the same bed, they are becoming a little more than tired of each other... lots of niggling going on.

So, looking at the big picture it's not soooo bad, we could still be in the freakin' Not so Comfort Inn with people, you know, getting friendly, above our heads!!!! And the good news is that the contractor is ready to start putting Chez McGilly back together again. Whoop Whoop!!!!!

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