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Friday, July 17, 2009

'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello, what's all this then?????

I am soooo missing my computer and my comfy little home, it's only been a few days and I'm cracking under the pressure.... shhppeeewwwww... there I go. I find myself wondering when will I ever get my dedicated post to Rxbambi done? is she tapping her pill counting thing on the desk impatiently waiting for the little nugget I have in store for her. When will I get to take some superdy duperdy pics with my lovely new treasure and get them up here for all to admire (or not) I haven't even had time to get to grips with it yet. When can I relax and have my own things around me again, and when will I be able to just open the door and let the damn dogs run free without having to put a leash on them and worrying about them terrorizing a passerby or pooping somewhere inappropriate!!!! I am afraid to sip my regular glass of red in case I spill some on the rented furnitue! afraid the kids/dogs will tear the place up and i'll lose the biggest security deposit in living history!!!! why the heck do I need to be afraid? why should my misfortune turn me into a nervous wreck? we're ok and probably more than that..we r all together which is what counts, the best thing to come out of the situation is that we work well together under pressure..we're the dream team people ya hear me, a freakin dream team! maybe when we get back into our house we'll sell up and buy a boat...we could sail around the world. This little episode has made me realize something, I know we could easily win The Amazing long as there was a tv we'd be rockin and rollin'...oh and a way for me to blog...and clean toilets..and a hairdryer...and red wine...more red wine and some tequila...I think i'm going to apply right now!!! Look out world here we come! for those of you not familiar its a relality show where teams travel around the world following clues and racing to win a Mill Bucks. Stay tuned I'm off to brush up on my gen knowledge and geography with my encyclopedia Britannica!!!! Tally ho.

Update.....just got to a real computer to find that the end of this post was in fact the beginning of another draft... something got all screwed up when I was trying to use the not so smart phone to blog!!!!! gggrrrrr..... all fixed now though and this doesn't look like the incoherent mess it did a few minutes ago.

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jane said...

haha! i was the same way when we went to stay at my sister in- law´s ski house. i kept telling everyone not to touch anything. i wouldn´t even let my kids shower... if you saw their bathroom, you´d understand... (okay i eventually let them shower, but first i made a plan of where everything was...:))

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