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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shit happens.... like every day lately!!!!!

Tahhh Dahhh, at last pictures of the pooches that actually show what these little darlings look like, and I thought I was crazy!!! I thought for some reason it was only me who thought they were cute and the camera was showing them as ugly and so my perception was inaccurate. But no...see they are cute...I may still be crazy but gosh darn it they are adorable!!!

What a weird and grizzlie week this has been, the real world has totally given me a kick or three in the ass. Talk about wake up calls.... what do you do when you're in an emergency situation but the Gift Gods have smiled on you and you get a coveted prize in the mail? Way to feel totally torn between gettin' practical and providing for your displaced family or spending hours in solitary confinement absorbing the details in the manual of your newly acquired treasure..... the Nikon D60. Haaa just my luck... as soon as one thing goes right for me a gazillion things go wrong. Not to mention the fact that hubby's boss must think he's making up all the reasons why he can't be at work. Home flooded, moving into rented apartment, good friend of the family dies, viewing and funeral to attend. You can't make this shit up.

So in the midst of all the crapola we find ourselves struggling with I did grab the camera and take a few shots... oooops.... shouldn't have done that.... can no longer take part in mundane crap like laundry and cooking... must take pictures... must force the dogs to pose and smile...must bribe kids and hubby to look at the camera... look away.. now look down and to the side... now capture the sunlight in your hair... sorry Hubby... can you just grow some hair real quick and then capture the sunlight please. This is insane how much I obsess with this thing! Who knew.... yeah yeah.. only the majority of the bloggers out there reading this post. I have read before how much you Nikon Girls rock but holy shit it's true!!!! So get ready Corner View Wednesday's ... finally I'm equipped to do you justice... get ready "Ten Treasures"... I'm taking on the challenge (have to wait though 'cos some of my treasures are in storage... crap!). And thirty secrets in thirty days... no, don't think I'm ready for that one yet... I am a closed book.

I have to get my head back out of my head though, i have been letting real world crap take over my bloggidy blog space...arrrgghhh... can't do it. This is my secret place, my creative outlet, the inner ramblings... feels good to just let the fingers do the walking again and let the junk that clutters my brain fall onto the keyboard... it's a peaceful and liberating experience.

And so dear heart as soon as I have access to a place where I can download pics at the speed of light again I'll be right back where I was. At least I can get words on the page for now. I really need to plan some blogs and get some notes on a pad when I think of them... usually I just sit down and spill the beans.... and sometimes I forget which particular beans I meant to spill. It's all a mess in there... once my real world quits messing with me we'll be right back on track.... yeah for tracks... happy day dearest friends.. happy day!!!


Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

McGilly, you aint seen nothin' yet. You'll carry it everywhere and even let your family walk in the rain while you and Nikon stay dry under the umbrella. It changes your life, doesn't it? I love mine and still hardly know how to use it.

Those pups are adorable. Are they friendly?

Hang in there girl, it will get better.

julochka said...

congratulations on your D60. welcome to the fabulous colors of nikon. :-) nikon rocks the color. the other stuff will wait.

McGillicutty said...

Thanks know without it this week would have been hell on earth, but somehow now it's all good!! I may even wrangle my way to Reno with my head held high you never know!

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