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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July!!!!

So, yes we had a great time yesterday celebrating with family. We ate breakfast, hung out, went to eat in the evening with friends while the girls played, then shortly before dark we headed to the big celebration in one of the parks in Thomasville. There was a band, the kids took a soccer ball and ran around like crazy, we took chairs and kicked back waiting for the grand finale. The flood lights went off and was it just me or is it really freakin' dark in a park with no lights after nine o'clock???? OK panic attack over, the fireworks started to light up the sky. I was determined to get some nice pics of them, after a lot of fiddling with the camera and wishing I had a tripod these are the best I came up with. Not brilliant by any means but they're mine and are a testament to my determination!
It could also have been something to do with the consumption of Margarita's that had gone on yesterday afternoon but I want to say it's the lack of tripod....even the camera tells you to steady it up when using night and firework settings. So dear readers, stay tuned and check back with me next July 4th and we'll see what some practice, a Nikon and a tripod can do!!!

The girls are now on their way to South Florida with their Nanny and Papa....kinda weird here without them. Peaceful in sort of a melancholy way. I'm enjoying it but it's weird is all I can say for now. They left about four hours ago, I'm itching to call but won't, they should get home in about two hours so if they haven't called me by then I will pick up the phone. I know they will be just fine but this is the first time of them being gone for so long, I have a feeling they'll have a lot to talk about on the way home next weekend after we go down and pick them up. In the meantime I can blog and twitter and sleep and clean and do what the hell I want for five days!
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spudballoo said...

Oooh what camera did you take those with? They are fab, certainly at least as good as mine from last Guy Fawkes with a tripod adn Nikon and whole load of attitooooooo. (shootinig in Hackney park with all the gangs eyeing up your gear).

Gosh don't miss the girls RELISH it!!!! xx

Georgie K. Buttons said...

I'm leaving with my sisters for a week to Girl's Camp on Tuesday. My mom says she'll miss us, but I doubt it. :)

jane said...

great shots ali! personally, i think the margaritas helped... enjoy your week! it´ll fly by! hugs!

B said...

I love the shots! Make the most of this week without the girls!

McGillicutty said...

Spud: I cannot divulge the camera..too shameful.

Buttons: Oh believe me she will miss you! Have fun at camp.

Jane: 'Rita's help everything!!!

B...thanks, I am enjoying the peace but it's weird. Have a good one!!!!

Allison said...

Despite the absence of a tripod your photos turned out great... especially the 2nd.

I read your earlier July 4th post and quite frankly I am appalled! (not with you) Sometimes I just want to hold my head in shame that there are such idiotic, clueless people out there with puffed upped chests ranting and raving "yup, I'm an Amer-can" when they need a good dose of humble pie and to be sent back to school. I am almost left speechless at the absolutely absurd and ridiculous questions you have been asked (note: since you can't see it, my head is shaking now) I just hope that you don't frequently run into such morons, but I am afraid that my country is filled with too many of them.

McGillicutty said...

OK time out people... i hope i didn't give the impression that all American's are morons... just some of them and most of the questions were from people in Texas...hahahaha and we all know that's a whole nuther country. I have some very intelligent, wonderful, funny and articulate friends here in the States (and a lot online too now). it's the unsilent majority who give y'all a bad name. the Brits on holiday in Orlando make me cringe if it's any consolation!! sun burn and all. LOL.

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