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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Time for more Random Lists....

  • Why are Tuesday's my horrible day, I can take Monday's all day long but Tuesday should be abolished.

  • My Mum sent me some little sparkly ball earrings.... random.... but absolutely beautiful.... thanks Mum.

  • Watching squirrels run around our big tree in the back yard makes me happy.... then I let the dogs out.

  • When I win the Lotto I have decided not to give up work.... I will blog while I am there and do it blatantly.

  • I have had a gift certificate to a really nice spa for about six months now and still have not used it... wtf???

  • I started to twitter but frankly it's not doing it for me, unless Jeremy says something then it totally does it for me.

  • Mr McG totally approves of Jeremy because he has a crush on him too...... and is manly enough to say so.

  • This week of sans kids has revealed to me where all my grocery money is going, and where all the dirty dishes come from.

  • Time to turn kids into little maids, and go over the grocery bill with them each week.... or is that just cruel??

  • I love Starburst... and I adore Gummy Bears... so you'd think I'd like the new Gummy Starburst.... sadly not so. Bleeuusscchhhhh.

  • When I try to load good stuff on my iPod my mind goes blank, it this iPod Block? Will it last long and what's the cure?
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