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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Woe is me....

I was born on a Wednesday and for some reason my Mum always would take delight in telling me that Wednesday's Child is full of woe! Thanks for the encouragement there mother!
Now most of you will probably think I am an upbeat kind of a chick, and mostly I am, but when I am feeling under the weather I revert back to being Wednesday's Child. This week has been one of those times, hence the lack of blogging. I am doing this one quickly so that my avid readers won't desert me thinking I have given up on my latest "thing".
I have been the victim of one of those mysterious viruses, back ache, head ache, sore throat, chills without a fever that kind of thing. I usually don't bother with docs (they're all quacks) but on this occasion I felt so shitty it was deemed necessary to drag my weary butt to the not so urgent care. Just like I thought, "it's a virus" said the quack, "antibiotics won't help but if you pay me $100 I'll give you a scrip for some Darvacet and you'll be on you're way". See! I could have done that if I had a degree in scribbling prescriptions. The pain killers really didn't help and I have been wallowing in self pity and bad temperedness for a couple of days now. This morning I have noticed an improvement and my sense of humor is gradually creeping back into my persona. That means if you visit me in the office today, yes, I will help you with the coffee machine and yes I will be nice to you. Apologies to those who may have crossed my path over the last couple of days, my woe has gone and the good Ali is alomst 55% back!!! Give me a day or two and I may even start being nice to Steve again who knows.

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