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Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is OK....

Now I have managed to find my way around a little, at the same time I have tidied Sydney's room a little, retrieved pink blanky from the drier for Ashley and set them up with a movie. I also waived goodbye to Mason and her Mom and chatted a little on the phone. All of this within what, about an hour or so.

Now it's getting late and although I could sit here, boring no one in particular with the details of my day, I will go and get ready for dinner with friends. I will ask them later if they mind their names being shared on the blog of the century!!! Who knows what's next once people start tuning in... Oprah, The Today Show, Late night with Jimmy Fallen!!!!!!!!!! Scratch Oprah I don't think I want to be on her show just because it's cool not to.

I will visit again later with an update on how my hubby takes the news of me setting up my own Pulitzer Prize winning Blog!!!! Maybe I'll introduce the family next time.

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