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Friday, March 27, 2009

Tornado warning....

Oh the weather outside it frightful, there are storms, high winds, heavy rain and a fashion dilema all going on at the same time. What the heck do you wear when it's 80 degrees but it's rainy and dark.
Here are the fashion rules we use in England, no worries about whether it's Easter, Memorial day or Labor day, if it's wet it's generally cold and you can wear jackets and wellie boots, even add a sou'wester (that's a yellow plastic hat) if you want to. If it's dry and hot it's time for fashion fatalities, shorts and sleeveless, tight fitting tops; soccer shirts and soccer shorts with undies that you can see through the shorts; lobster red cheeks and upper arms; caloused heels and strappy sandals. Oh we look so horrible, but thankfully it's only for a fortnight every July so we don't cause too many people to keel over and die. If you've ever been to Orlando in the height of summer (which every American avoids) you will have seen them in droves. Bright red Brits on their package holidays sporting Manchester United and Liverpool football (soccer) shirts. They are loud and travel in big groups because if we're travelling across the Pond for a holiday of a lifetime we're bloody well taking the whole family if we like them or not. That way we can boast to our friends and neighbors who had to stay home and enjoy the balmy wonderful summer in the south west of England, with beautiful beaches, clean air and excellent pub food.
It was a dream of mine as a child to go to Disney, I didn't know the difference between "World" and "Land" I just wanted to got to Disney. Nor did I care about Epcot, Kingdom or whatever, I didn't even know there was more than one park to choose from, it didn't matter to an eight year old British kid.
Now here I am all growed up and wondering when I can go home again to experience that relaxing, excellence called British Summer Time. It gets light at four thirty in the morning at which time the little Blue Tits and House Martins start their song. You can spend well over an hour or more at breakfast when it's still a little chilly, eating the best sausage, egg and beans you're ever likely to come across. Then you can walk on the hill tops or the beaches before soaking up the sun for the approximately four hours that it's warm enough to do so. Then you sip a Shandy in the pub and enjoy a "ploughman's", it's a delicious plate of salad, ham, chunk o' cheese, pickles and crusty bread. You talk a bunch o' nonsense with your best farmery friends and walk home dodging the moths and trying to identify all the beautiful wild flowers on the path home... ahhh bliss. This, my friends, is paradise... talk about so laid back you're horizontal!! One day when I am a famous whatever, I will have my own travel show where me and the three
people I love most in the universe will travel and have a camera man to capture our experiences and we'll be the Emmy Award winning McGillicutties.... the family you all want to be!!!! To get a hint of what I'm talking about Google "Salisbury, Wilts" and the South West of England, Cornwall and Dorset. Take a cyber-vacation people... 'tis something to savour!!!! Don't forget your factor 4. Now in order the get a little taste of what I'm talking about go and watch Four Weddings and a Funeral.... it's been a long time hasn't it? This is one of my all time FAVE movies and I even have a friend who is actually in the movie, ironically enough, he's the American who plays the love interest of Hugh's Grant's sister in the movie. He lived in Salisbury when I was there and he was a very tall, very handsome chappy!!!! Yum!!!!

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