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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back to my own room....

Did I ever mention that I have the most beautiful, bright funny kids on the planet? Well I do. Sorry to those of you who thought your kids were all of the above, but mine are the cream of the crop, top of the heap, A number one!!! (Frank Sinatra 1915-1998).
This is how I feel every day when I wake them up with the song of my choice and it continues until I put them to bed with a story and hug , there are moments in between when I could cheerfully strangle them but mostly it's a love fest. This week has been no exception, having finished (at least almost finished) Sydney's room she's settled back in is loving her own space again. She has it organized as she wants it and has the toys she treasures most within easy reach, her beds arranged as she likes them and her secret diaries tucked where she thinks no one can get to her innermost secrets... no I don't read them.. and if I did, well I'm her mother and I'd never admit to anyone that I may have had a sneaky peak now and again. So blissfully settled in and enjoying being out of Ashley's room, why oh why do they have to fuss about "sleepovers"....... she wants Ashley to come and sleep in her room now. Arrgghhh... Ash is happy to oblige, for a whole ten minutes. Just when you think they are so cute wanting to be together, and it lets me off the hook and bed time is going a lot quicker, little bit gets up and heads back to her own Purple Palace with pink blanky dragging behind her. This leads to an outburst from big sister!!! So now I have two girls crying and fussing about where they want to sleep!!! I can't be in two rooms at once settling them in. I did get a little frustrated and yell a tad about getting into bed and staying there and being a big girl... GO TO SLEEP!!!! Anyone who has ever been in this situation, and if you have kids you've been there, knows it's a thin line between keeping a calm bedtime routine and banging your head on the wall. You feel your entire inside about to erupt and spout forcefully out of the very top of your head. The answer, go to the bathroom. Tell everyone "wait a minute, Mommy has to pee pee I'll be right back." Lock the door, plug your iPod into your ears and stay there for about 15 minutes. That's how long it takes to do your bizz right. When you emerge all will be well, they will have screamed themselves into a coma and you won't hear another peep until morning. That is when you can look at their pretty, innocent, sleeping faces and thank the Lord for these precious little gifts. That is the moment you can say, yes I am super Mom, I did it; they are asleep and it's the end of the day and all is well in the world. Then you can go beat your head against the wall because you step back into a pile of dog puke. A mother's work is never done!!!

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