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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's with FB?

Hello again. It's late on Wed evening and I wanted to relax on facebook and catch up with some old friends....ahhh a great way to unwind. I did the sexy lady quiz and apparently I am Audrey Hepburn, oh Audrey, so elegant and sweet!!! I am sure there aren't many people who have had the inclination to mention my name and Audrey's in the same 5 million word epic, never mind the same sentence. Tomorrow I am wearing black with some simple pearl accessories just to see if anyone mentions how much I remind them of the great Ms. Hepburn, I think I'll hoist my voice up an octave too while I'm at it.
Anyway I digress, so I'm jumping here and there and the pc (unfortunately not a Mac) keeps making a weird noise and the page disappears! Get back on, dunk there it goes, get back on, dunk there it goes. OK this is getting to be tedious. Are there too many millions of us on there? Surely not, the twelve year old founder of fb was just chatting to Matt Lauer the other day telling him how it's growing by 250 gazzillion, druswillion every millisecond and yet they can handle it. Not a problem for the tennis shoe wearing geek. You're on TV with Matt Lauer for crying out loud, get some decent shoes!!!
So instead here I am with my reliable old blog, at least here I can ramble on about the other. If you have also been having problems with fb and you've managed to walk away, please tell me how to overcome the addiction. How do we ease back into the real world and actually connect again with friends; real face to real face. For a fb addict and germiphobe it's a scary thought. Maybe I am just not as equipped to deal with real flesh and blood friends instead of my little cyber-buddies. I"ll have to brush my teeth and hair and buy the real Gucci loafers, not just the ones I can get on the shopaholic site. Please oh please fb don't do that to the world, come back and let me sit here once again in pj's with messy hair and smudged mascara, connecting with the wonderful 45,789 "friends" on my page, all of whom know me intimately and have had lunch with me at least a thousand times.... online that is!!! OK can't stand it any more I'm headed back there for one more try and if it fails I'm going to have to try My Space. See ya.

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