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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy busy busy.....

Yesterday was the Annual Heritage Walk and Fun Run, an event that draws a pretty good crowd and is put together by the local YMCA with other sponsors such as Commercial Bank. I was coerced into walking 5K with my adorable friends Becky and Jill. They are obviously a lot fitter than I am but I am proud to say I kept up and came in 161st, I don't really know how many walkers there were but it seemed like a lot. I guess we were middle of the pack? good job for so early on a beautiful Saturday morning in Downtown T-Ville. Our only instructions from Big Tom were to come in ahead of the 88 year old, and we complied. Everyone was there, young and old, to take part with their eye on the grand prize of $50 and a big 'ole trophy. I think I will probably do it again; Sydney took part in the fun run and I have to say did very well although she did tell me that her and her friend Mason ran a little, walked and talked a little, skipped a little you get the picture. Syd now wants to do the Rose City Run in April, mainly because everyone gets a medal in that one just for taking part. Good old Sydney, all she wants are the glorious medals whether she wins or not.
I have to mention Nicholas, he's a seven year old that Sydney secretly has her eye on
(don't tell her I put that in the blog). He did really well and won a medal in his division.. we're proud of you Nick!!!! And he's so sweet, he came to me after he finished and asked where Sydney was, I think he secretly likes her too. That's a relationship I would encourage because then we'd end up with awesome in-laws.
So, happy and a little achy I went home to prepare chili for the first of the Fictitious Supper Club evenings that we have been planning for about the last two or three years. We finally got it off the ground last night and had a blast!!!! Good food, Laura prepared the very best artichoke thingy I have ever tasted... yum....and Bethany's cornbread and salad definitely deserve a mention... she even made her own dressing!! What?? I had no idea you could even do that? It seems we have a very talented group of chef's in the hood so this could be extemely detrimental to all the calorie counting that's been going on lately. Although admittedly I don't think we had anything wayyyy tooo fattified last night other than the copious Margarita's. Again Yum Scrum. The company was excellent and we heard some interesting little anecdotes that had us screaming with laughter, I think someone even peed their pants but I will never say who!!! LOL LOL LOL!!!
Can't wait for the next one, can YOU??????
Today has been a day of organizing, I have rearranged the kitchen cabinets, the linen closet, Sydney's closet and the pantry. Wooaahhh what's gotten into me??? We also had a family effort at cleaning out the storage closet out back and Steve scrubbed down the water slide. A major indicator that summer is on the way and the yard is about to be full or soaking wet kids and the floors will need to be mopped every five minutes. Joy oh Joy. So there you have it in a nutshell, my amazing, fantastic weekend spent on projects and enjoying the company of great friends.... I love you all!!!!!!

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