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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So Royal Wedding fever has finally hit in our house! Looks like is gorgeousness will be tuned in whilst raising a brew to the happy couple. The girls and I will be sporting different little touches to show our support for Kate and Wills such as little flags painted on our faces, red white & blue nails and our coveted England shirts.

This will be the fourth big Royal Wedding for me but a first for the kids. I vaguely remember Princess Anne getting hitched to Captain Mark Phillips, of course I was fully engaged by the nuptials of Charles & Di and again captivated when that train wreck Fergie married the most handsome of the Royals, Prince Andrew. (Andy drove by me in a Jag once in London, he mouthed "I love you" throught the bullet proof glass).....true story. Another true story...all of the above marriages ended in divorce....just sayin'.

So....fellow expats and are you marking the day...oh and if any of you kind peeps over there happen to snag a newspaper on the day please send me a copy...there's a love....'preciate it.
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Brian Miller said...

i remember charles and di mostly from my mums fascination with it...guess we will probably tivo it so we can fast forward to the good parts...smiles.

Stephanie said...

I remember Princess Di quite clearly! We will be traveling on the "wedding Day" so will have to set the PVR!

spudballoo said...

Oh lord you crack me up....! Andy, really?

I have a good story about him too but it involves my Dad, a police officer at the time, Prince A speeding and the Official Secrets Act ;-)

You think Fergie was a train wreck? What about Diana? Wasn't exactly happy ever after was it, cry.


Coffeypot said...

What royal wedding? Is there one?

Char said...

i was obsessed with all things diana and woke up very early to catch every drop of the beauty of that wedding. fergie - no so much. i wept the night diana died.

i will get up early this time too - kate seems like a very level headed girl and i look forward to seeing all that she brings to this marriage.