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Monday, April 4, 2011

My evening..... of frustration.

Well today was one joyous occasion ... I got me a big girl camera. 
A really big girl camera. 
Which I can't freakin' use!!!!!! Well I can, but it's not as easy as a point and shoot even 
though one should be able to use it as a point and shoot. 
I can't wait to get out in some good natural light and take some fabulous shots. 

it went a little like this.... 

digging through online suggestions and manuals. of course that involves a new 
version of Adobe reader... have you ever NOT had to download a new version???

Auto settings with flash in the kitchen lit by two incandescent fixtures. 
Not bad, particularly like the skin tones and the clarity of her eyes in such a setting. 
Very point and shoot... not exactly the Pioneer Woman...
FYI... she's looking totally like her Daddy right now... no denying that one! 

finally, I can't remember, think this was in P mode without the flash. I didn't 
adjust the white balance at all, literally just turned it to P and clicked.
By this time I was resigned to the fact that I'm tired and need to be outside looking at 
something beautiful!!! 

In other news. I'm dealing with super fatigue, super pissed offedness that it's 
spring break and everyone I know is at home enjoying a week off... (including husband).
I'm having a crazy bout of homesickness and it's lovely weather yet I have the
pastiest of pasty legs!!! and not a lottery win in sight!!!! 
the link there is that if I won the Lotto i would be outside soaking up the sun instead 
of slaving away in an office all day! 

Hope your day has been better than mine and I'll be back soon with some super shots
after I have wrestled this camera to the ground and forced it into submission!!


Brian Miller said...

woot on the new camera!!! focusing on that and not the suckage of not winning the lotto...smiles.

ModernMom said...

I have a Canon xsi. I HATE that it does not have a hard manual....I swear it makes it harder to learn, but you are a brilliant photographer and the camera will not beat you.

SaraReno said...

So glad you have a new camera friend! Have fun figuring out what all the buttons are for. I am STILL figuring that out.