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Monday, April 25, 2011

It's review and GIVEAWAY time!!!!!!

My God!!! it's been so long since I did a review and giveaway it's like I forgot how
to do it!!!!!! hang with me peeps there's something in it for one lucky reader.

Spring is in the air and so what better excuse... let's make someone happy shall we?

Have you heard of Scentsy????
It's the latest and greatest way in which to fill your house with lavish aromas 
without having to A) cook something fabulous or B) break the bank. 
both of which are reasons enough for me thank you very much. 

here's mine... 

I know.. you're loving it aren't you.. well i have one to for you... if you would just follow the rules.
Head over to check out my friend Courtney's site...HERE
come back and tell me which scent you might like or which of the 
lovely burners appeals to you most. 
One entry.

Follow me on FB! 
200 entries... ha just kidding but you really should follow me on FB, it's pathetic how few followers I have. 

If you find something on Courtney's site that you can't live without, and believe me you will... take it from me these things are da bomb! 
you can place an order under my online party(to the left of the page .. Ali McKay)... she ships direct to you no matter where you are in the USA!! order a ton so I can get a deep dish discount for my next shipment of glorious goodness! 

For my friends in the UK you too can get in on the act now, just go HERE

click on the flag in the top right hand corner if you're somewhere else in the world... they're everywhere! 

All you do is drop the little wax cubes into the warming tray on top, flick a switch and wait for your nose to be flirted with... yes.. flirted with. They smell so adorable... The lucky commenter will be set for life.. well a couple of weeks... with a new full size burner (Morocco) and two random scents. Tell me which you'd like and if she has them in stock, they're yours. If they are not on hand Courtney will substitute something similar, all in the name of getting this out to you Tout Suite!!!! Bon Chance mes amis!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The giveaway will close on Friday at Midnight!!! ooooohhhhh spooky!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Brian Miller said...

morocco...cause its masculine...smiles.

Mrs. M said...

Black Raspberry Vanilla sounds like it smells wonderful!

Mrs. M said...

I'm one of your FB fans! :)

Anonymous said...

My fav is Bamboo Tali warmer and pima cotton and meditterean sea scentsy bars!

Anonymous said...

My fav is Bamboo Tali warmer and pima cotton and meditterean sea scentsy bars!

Anonymous said...

Follow you on FB!

Anonymous said...
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Little Ms Blogger said...

I like the Morocco one, but also the one pictured above.

About the scents....well, I was looking for something frescia scented, but came up short. Right now I have a FIERCE headache from the Eucalyptus in the flowers gave me at Easter so I can safely say no Eucalyptus or vanilla (another scent that makes me sick). Wow, I'm whining far too much and will probably be disqualified for entry b/c of it, but I hope not.

Unknown said...

Hmmmm..... I love the singular Scentsy warmer I got for Christmas this year! Mine is the cherry blossom warmer and I currently have lemongrass bars... Would love another for my bath time moments, the Nod warmer with either Inner Peace (wink) or wishing well scent bars...