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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

and relax..........

OK...I am at peace once again and can relax into taking some pretty picures. If you are an enthusiastic amatuer/novice like me I strongly recommend you check out Ken Rockwell and inwardly digest every tiny detail of what he has to say. The learning curve of photography is huge and when you are a kinda A type personality (as apparently I am) it can be a challenge.
This mornings aha moment was more like a mallet to the head for me when I read this passage fon Ken's website (which I can't link to because I'm coming to you live from tinytown) which goes like this......"keep following your own natural direction in photography, and the technique will follow. Stop and ask for help when you need it, but don't ever let yourself get hung up on technology for its own sake. Explore technology only when needed to accomplish something deliberate, otherwise, equipment just gets in the way."...he then goes on to say that women make better photographers than men, of course we do! Women make better fishermen than men too.
I needed to be reminded it's all about the art...the vision..the interpretation and emotion of the piece. Somewhere in the competitive (and somewhat snarky) world of todays photographers I was being sucked into the race for the best kit...and ultimately its the results that matter.
The thing I peronally love about Nikon as a brand is the clarity and the vivid colors produced in camera...little need for enhancement in photoshop or lightroom unless of course you're aiming for a particular look in the finished product. As I get to know my new friend I realize I have to step back a little and spend time looking at each picture and appreciating what it is I am achieving, concentrate on the art and not the tools. Not everyone has a good eye or can see the art in everyday objects but if you do happen to have that gift its also useful to be able to utilize the tools available as a means to an end. Its all relative, remember the pile of bricks they called art at the Tate gallery?
If I like my pictures that's all that matters, and if someone else likes them too then its a bonus. Art and photography are becoming increasingly important in my life and I am very lucky to be able to indulge in the way I do. Maybe now I have learned something this morning I can stop with the tantrums and get on with the fantastic process of picture making!
Soul searching done, happy again! Looking forward to going to the zoo this weekend and getting some great subjects to practice on. Whoop whoop!
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Kim Klassen said...

oh, my... where have you been... traveling so many miles from home. :)

xxo, Kim

McGillicutty said...

Don't worry Kim, I hugged him for you.. or is he a she? I think she likes the warmer weather here!!! xx

McGillicutty said...

this just in.....
By Rick Levine
Although this could be a very upbeat day, you might need to recognize the fact that you have too much information flooding your brain now. On a practical level, it's crazy just trying to keep up with everything that's going on. But the deeper lesson today is that more data doesn't necessary mean more knowledge. Instead of accumulating unnecessary facts, apply what you already know and see what happens.