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Friday, April 22, 2011

Shiny Happy People!

I love Easter, don't you? I have no idea why it's always been one of my favorite
times of year, maybe I'm a sucker for all that lilac and lime? 
I was confused at first when I moved to the States because Good Friday and 
Easter Monday are not recognized "holidays" as in... gettin' a day off work.
What??? sacre bleu... I know!!! 

I was temped to pack up my crap and move back to the UK where such an important
occasion in the Christian calendar is given the respect and dignity it deserves.
Time off work, chocolate, picnics, overflowing beergardens , chocolate,
hats and Royal Weddings, chocolate, hot cross buns, chocolate and beer gardens.

Hmmmm maybe there are some clues in there as to why it's my favorite holiday.
Anyhoodles... this post isn't particularly about Easter as much as what is making me feel 
all shiny happy people today... here's my top ten shiny happy things.

1. The weather when it's lovely and sunny, warm breeze on my bare arms and legs, and 
the way it's cool in the morning, darn hot in the afternoon and back to bearable in the evening.

2. There's a sense of having accomplished something at this time of year; big kids are
graduating, little kids are taking part in Sports/Field days, I am glad to have made it 
through another school year as a deadbeat parent without the teachers noticing (too much!).

3. Pandora Radio... (you folks in the UK are missing out; but I think you have Blip?)
I have Pandora set to Corrine Bailey Rae radio this morning and it's AWESOME dude.
Smooth sounds wafting through the entire house making me feel ten feet tall and 
as beautiful as Sade herself. Don't mock !! 

4. My Scentsy Warmer, yes a whole new way to make your house smell delightful..
and guess what??? I have a giveaway so come on back tomorrow and
get in on the action... a must have!!! 

5. Driving with the windows down... nuff said. 

6. A Royal Wedding.. yes I know... had to put it in there because although not a 
die hard monarchist I do like a good Royal Wedding. I'll be setting my alarm for shit thirty so
I can blearily watch it on TV. I may even DVR it for future street party purposes.

7. Spritzers, oh my it's the best time of year for them, lovely ice cold
sparkley spritzers in pretty glasses. A Gin n Tonic is also an essential Spring drink. 

8. White capri's and bermuda's. Love 'em even though technically I'm probably 
a little large for white pants but you know what.. I like 'em. Shut up!! 

9. Flip Flops... the more the merrier, bedazzled, adorned, plain, flat, a little wedge
whatever, they are the BEST!  I love them! I know they are considered a 
fashion faux pas in certain circle.. not mine sistah!!! 

10. Last but not least, 'tis the season for lovely salads and fresh yummy fruits and veggies. 
I decided to grow my own tomatoes this year and it's making me all 
horticultural and nurturey.  I'm going to add some rosemary and mint plants to the 
back yard in pots too... could be the start of something "meh". hahahaaa.

OK lovely shiny happy friends... share your SHP stuff if you like.. I want to 
know what's making your eyes sparkle today. Besos! 


Stacey said...

Hmmm... Pouring myself a gin and tonic as we speak! Although we are slated for more snow this weekend... Eh! I'll be doing a post for Shiny Happy People in a little bit! What a great idea!

likeschocolate said...

I love Easter Candy. I can't resist the pastel colors. I am so in trouble!

Char said...

i am lucky enough to have monday off this year after easter (score)

i will watch the wedding too