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Sunday, August 21, 2011

wishing for a silent Sunday....

Silent Sunday... supposed to be silent anyway but I usually have to say something! 
I could quite easily live without TV... there I said it!!! 
I know if I said it out loud everyone in my family would GASP in horror and have 
me committed to the nearest mental facility immediately...but it's true. I am so sick
to death of the damn TV being on and it sucking the very existence out of us.
I would rather be online creating pretty pictures, checking out interesting stuff or 
having little chats with my peeps all over the world. Reading a book is way more
satisfying that watching a movie and being outdoors actually fishing gets my thumbs up
over watching the Outdoors channel every time. So lets start a movement... shut it off.. 
and live your life!!!!!! 
That is all. 

p.s. all that has absolutely nothing to do with a dragonfly.


Snap said...

Makes perfect dragonfly sense to me!

(Lovely shot.)

Brian Miller said...

i am all for cutting the TV like my older show dvds but usually late at night...

Ellie said...

Love your picture.
I am in total agreement with you regarding the telly. There is so much rubbish on that we rarely have it on now. No great loss!