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Monday, August 29, 2011

Macro Monday... droid style!

It's Monday again folks... seems to come around pretty quick doesn't it. I'm happy to say that this week again I have found myself willing and able to join Lisa for Marco Monday.

 This little offering was taken using my Retro Camera App for Droid. I don't have a fancy iPhone people even though I kinda sorta wish I did only for the camera. The Droid cameras really not that great!! BUT... the Retro App is not bad for fun little shots like this one. It's a gumball machine and I actually very much like how this turned out. Very periodesque.... even though the machine was actually stamped in 1989.... which isn't that old for goodness sakes!!! So my lovelies why don't you head on over to Lisa's place and join in on the fun.


Brian Miller said...

i think it turned out great...very cool shot!

Gloria said...

Really like the little boys and girls all around in a circle...a gumball machine, how cool is that?
Smile today. :)

Kala said...

That's pretty darned good for a camera phone shot!