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Saturday, August 13, 2011

back to school....

It's been a really busy week... kids are back in school and LOVing it!!! 

I am still coming to terms with being the mother of a middle schooler but honestly I
think it's a better fit for me. At last my kids are growing up to be kinda the age
kids I should have at my age, does that make sense? I don't have to try
and look all young and hot because now I have a middle schooler.
Ash seems to be large and in charge in second grade, no worries there! 

The mornings are going well, we have managed to be on time everyday so far.
Hip hip hooray! 

Honestly I had done a much better post about the first week of school but I
accidentally did it on my other blog! urgh...and now I am a little too tired 
to get all creative again. So this is it!!!! 
lame i know!!! 

1 comment:

Brian Miller said...

smiles great first day pics...we have one more week...hope ours goes as smooth...