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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

is it just me or has the world gone completely nuts??

It is just me?? OK then good, for a minute there I thought everyone on the planet was headed 
to hell in a handbasket with me! phew.. for yous guys! 

So I went blog hopping today into territories unknown, I have a little (well about 584) regular
blogs I try and keep up to date with... and by up to date I mean I visit once ever y584 days if you're
lucky and I'll comment every 2608 days if you're even unluckier!
So what I found today were some fabulous, funny and occasionally freaky blogs... I love it!!! 
Bloggers are awesome... pat yourself on the back and pour yourself a 
large one.. on're welcome!

I'm having a little trouble with my best friend Mz Toshy the netbook, well I seriously think the 
problem is with Mz Toshy's battery... glad I just pointed out she's a net book otherwise you
dirty minded little freaks would be imagining all kinds of kink!! 
You see, and if there's a techy out there I need you to verify this theory, when I'm using 
Mz Toshy and she's not plugged in I get this crashy thing happening where a dreaded blue
screen pops up and then it reboots. This doesn't seem to happen if I have it plugged 
into the wall... hence my deduction that it's the damn battery. I have had it two years 
or maybe a little more... can't quite remember. Think I need a new battery????
Answers please people. I cannot afford to lose all the precious stuff I have stored
on this baby... like the little voodoo post it stickies I make when I'm grudging... 

 In other news... I'm waiting for some news... nothing I can actually blog about which I know
is ridiculous to even mention it if I can't actually mention it... forget I mentioned it. 

In other, other news... my kid made a weird comment last night which is nothing new to be
perfectly honest.. weird comments are her specialty. She said that her little black friend only knows
one white singer and that's Justin Beiber... Huh??? why would that even be something they'd 
discuss... I know we live in South GA and to be honest it hasn't exactly changed much in 
the past 50 years as far as mixing the pot but really... do kids discuss the color of the artists
these days??? I hadn't even thought about it... good music is good music regardless of the 
race,color, creed or dare I say "orientation" of the musician. sheeeesshh. 

One more before I go.. seem to be on a roll here.. other than the roll of gelatinous butt 
I'm sitting on I mean. Father of my children and man I'm married to... can't say his name for 
he is all mighty... has the task of being Ballet Dad this year. I am not in a position to be  
available at the times of their classes so he has kinda graciously stepped up to the
plate and is involved in all things ballet this year! hee hee... giggles. 
He calls me from the car and says.. it's storming and the girls don't want to go to ballet
tonight because it's a metal building.... Ballet Dad say WHAT???
Almost speechless I reminded him that we are spending an ugly amount of 
hard earned cash on classes, shoes, little chiffony skirts....yes, my friend, they can take their
graceful little butts to class and suck it up. 
Surely if there was a danger the class would not be taking place ... right??? right???
Once again.. I call upon you experts to leave me a comment as to the 
safety of ohhh a hundred or so little ballerina's in a metal building during a storm. 

And that my friends is it for tonight's episode of thoughts from the depths of Mama hell. 
Tune in next time where we talk about shih tzu hairballs and how to cover the 
scratches on the front bumper of my Jeep where I drove into a metal railing. 
güle güle


Brian Miller said...

ugh on the netbook issues...yeah try the battery on the white singers...maybe that is just preference...

Sheri said...

It definitely sounds like your battery but could be your video card driver too? Either is no fun! Sorry.

Just wondering if laughing at your dialogue for Mama hell will get me slapped?

New follower, love your blog!

Nick Thomas said...

It's not you, it IS the world.