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Friday, May 13, 2011

Dang It Friday... and other stories....

So I weaved a wonderful tale of how my electronic equipment sometimes fails me and how frustrated I get. It was brilliance, I was very happy with it, which is a rarity in itself these days.

And guess what, Blogger ate it.

So here's just a little regurge of what i can remember.... there was a question asked on a FB page about how long photographers give their clients to order their prints. I read the comments with interest and came across a comment that mentioned something called Instaproofs, so I had to investigate and I decided it was essential to my new little business adventure. Well it's totally sucked me in and I have spent a lot of time getting my account up and running and working like a dream. All this time I had to ignore my nagging need to get that red box out again (see previous 2 posts) and do something different with the pics I took. Sigh... I should have been playing but all the while the real world and real obligations were getting in the way.

I set up my laptop again last night to finish up the tweeking of my instaproofs site but the damn thing was limping along like a sad kipper, frustration bubbling under the surface I enlisted the help of his Gorgeousness (who is sometimes extremely helpful in this area) his suggestion was to defrag it. He then offered up this nugget of genius... "perhaps that thing is outdated and it's time for a new laptop". Whaatt??? this thing is less than two years old and I don't think after paying what I did it should be shuffling off it's coil so soon. I'm so cheap when it comes to electronics, they are expensive and therefore should last longer... lots of money = length of service in my book. So we set to defraging and it took a while... precious time ticking away while I could do nothing to help my fledgling business!!! URGH!!!!!

When finally I could use the darn thing I did my stuff, customized, adjusted settings, played with this, messed with that.... when I went to add some links to my blog what do you think happened... could not use Blogger for Ef's sake!!! I tell you I was more frustrated than the style advisors to Princess Beatrice and Eugenie!!! Those poor people have to be either laughing their asses off or have gone into the Witness Protection Program never to admit to their part in the fiasco of the outfits worn by both Princesses to the Wedding of the Century. Anyhoodles... suffice to say there are days when I love, love and squeeee technology and days when I could cheerfully throw my laptop across the room.

So apparently sometime today all is back to normal and the global crisis of Blogger outage has been averted. I don't want to hastily hop over to wordpress like a fickle teenager, Blogger who has served me pretty well, wordpress is not without it's problems either. I will continue and keep the faith because it's rare to experience this kind of interruption in service, it's been pretty good to me these past two years.

OK.... back to the Red Box.... I used  Pioneer Woman's Boost action in PSE... c'est tres jolie n'est pas?????

Here's to a lovely weekend and I hope that all you Blogger users out there have calmed down and are now happily blogging away again. For more little red box adventures check back over the weekend!!! Au revoir mes amis!!!


Brian Miller said...

i did not jump but i did create a WP back up with all my posts so i can if i need to in case of a total blogapocalypse...

Char said...

the blogger thing had everyone shook up.

hope you had a great weekend.