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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Her Third Eye.......

When I first started blogging I "met" several bloggers online who seem to 
have stuck with me and I with them over the past couple of years.
So much so that we've exchanged little gifts and cards etc in the mail and 
kept up with each others lives here and there. 

One such blogger is Mari Mansourian who you can find here. 
She's a very talented EVERYTHING!!! 
She writes, take fabulous pictures, cooks, raises her boys, blogs, 
runs her own business and now is setting about changing the lives of
any unfortunate soul that she happens to run across when she next visits 
her home country of Armenia. 

This is where you come in, Mari has made some of her fabulous prints
into greetings cards and is selling them for her project... you can read 
about it here....Postcards for Smiles.
Please check out her work, I promise you'll love it! 
Good Luck Mari. xxxxx


Mari Mansourian said...

Love you darling, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! And yes the bond some of us have made here in the blogosphere is very deep, meaningful and lifelong I think <3
thanks again :)

Brian Miller said...

nice. will go check it out...

Francesca said...

I love the connections that the internet and blogging allows us to make.