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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Morning {hurried} thoughts...

For crying out loud I'm always on a freakin' tight rope when it comes to having 
time for doing things... it's squeeze in this and throw together that. 

It's been three days since my last post and I like to check around other blogs, twitter,
my inbox before clicking away at the keyboard and getting my next post together.
Unfortunately effin' life time has not allowed me the luxury of a 
couple of hours of research before this post. 
So it's gonna suck. 

What I wanted to carefully craft was a post about how lucky I am in the 
grand scheme of things. I have to be particularly careful and not be my own true
foot in mouth self with this post because the last time I laid it out in 
plain speak I got Dooced.. if you don't know what that means.. go back to sleep. 

I have been particularly pissed at the world lately, seems like I can't get ahead and 
it's wearing a little thin on the old nerves. The older I get the less patient I'm becoming 
and them more vocal I am with my pissed offedness.... yes I made up that word 
and I like it.. you may use it if you wish. 
However, it appears that there's a higher power willing to show me that it ain't 
so bad, and he/she (remember God was Alanis Morrisett in that Matt/Ben movie)
is trying to give me a sign on a daily basis that I should put on my girl panties and move on.
He/She is telling me that I have in fact got it pretty good and that I should be 
thankful; well I get it, I am thankful... ya hear me... Thanks... now will you just stop already.

You may think there's some snark in that offer of gratitude and you'd be right, there is. 
That is because the signs I'm being sent are all involving people I love and care 
for. I am thankful these things are happening to me personally but I am very upset that
they are happening to those near and dear... and not just little things either but life 
altering situations that are causing pain and heartbreak! 
I can't keep up with any more stories that make me want to cry, or that leave
me speechless and angry, I don't know that there's any more empathy left in me. 

So dear heart.... just lets leave it alone for a while shall we, no more drama, I get 
it.  My life on the whole is good and I'm very appreciative of the gifts I have. 
Now leave everyone around me alone. 
Thank you and have a great day.

this collage has nothing to do with the post... it's just pretty 

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spudballoo said...

Oh well AMEN to all that.

I adored your post about your gorgeous girls and 'the lunch'. I really giggled at you not having to help with the wordsearch. I ache for that day ;-) xx